Prepare for a "What'll they think of next?!" moment. And prepare to have new hope about not only bike safety, but head injury prevention.

The invisible neck airbag sounds like an idea for a Saturday Night Live skit, but the technology just won a major international design award. And it's easy to see why:

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The Telegraph reports the invisible helmet just won an Index award in Copenhagen for its ability to "target and solve problems in daily life." That seems like an understatement considering how this device could potentially save lives.

It's hard not to see this video and wonder if something similar could be devised for other sports, like football. The obvious limitation is that an airbag like this would be deployed on every single play in football or shift in hockey. But the idea of some form of extra protection for the head that triggers based on external forces is an exciting one.

For now, we can look forward to safer bike rides for everyone from Tour de France cyclists to kids in the neighborhood.