It was kind of a big deal in the skateboarding world when eight-year-old Evan Doherty nailed a 540 -- so much so that legend Tony Hawk tweeted "540, 8 years old, nuff said."

But "nuff said" was a bit premature, as now the prodigy called "Big E" (born in 2003!) has hit a 720 -- or two full revolutions:

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Let's put this in context: Hawk became the first skateboarder to hit a 900 in 1999, and although five others have done it since -- including 14-year-old Mitchie Brusco -- nobody has ever landed a 1080. So the 8-year-old from Salem, New Hampshire is already within striking distance of a mark only a few humans have hit.

What did Tony Hawk have to say? Tuesday night he tweeted "today's news: Demolition Radio starts in 20 min (Sirius/XM41, 1877HEYHAWK) & 8-year-old @evansk8r can do 720's."

Notice he left out "nuff said." Nuff said.