While most athletes are known for physical flawlessness, a lot of pros are as inconsistent
mentally as the rest of us. State-of-the-art gym equipment fills training facilities, but
there has to be a better way to train the brain. Enter NeuroSky, a seven-year-old company
known for a host of children’s games, and now a “Brain Athlete” training system.

The program promises to measure an athlete’s brain activity during workouts, providing
real-time feedback and post-workout data to trainers. It consists of a visor installed with
various monitoring electrodes, providing a portability that previously was not available in
athletic monitoring.

In development over the past five years, and expected to cost about $500 to buy, Brain
Athlete has been tested on the U.S. Olympic Archery team and more recently given to
a handful of professional golfers (who the company refuses to name). It’s unclear if the
technology is ready for the physical nature of an average football practice, but NeuroSky
says its system is capable of adapting to collision sports.

However, there is no word yet on the benefits of wearing Brain Athlete during fantasy
football drafts.