Surfing isn't for everyone. You have to be able to swim, you can't be afraid of sharks, and you better be comfortable with sand in your shorts.

Also, you can only surf during the day -- night-surfing is both dangerous and discouraged.

Unless you're able to go glow-in-the-dark surfing, anyway. Wavegarden, an Austin, Texas-based company that solved both the landlocked problem and the shark-infested waters problem by creating a wave pool designed specifically for surfing, now has added another wrinkle to their game.

You can now surf at night on waves that change color.

The experience, which looks like a psychedelic lover's dream, it creatively captured in this video:

While acknowledging the risk of dipping into hyperbole, this invention has the chance to change surfing as a recreational diversion.

Surfing purists would probably say this is a change for the worse, further divorcing the sport from its natural setting, but surfing at night on multi-colored waves seems like it has to be a great experience.

Surfing at night, indoors, on colorful waves, without the risk of shark attacks or drowning. It's not your father's brand of surfing, but there's no way it can't be fun.


In the argument of whether ESports Gaming should be considered a sport in the traditional sense, here is a backhanded way to making a case that it is: Its competitors are apparently just as vulnerable to the temptation of celebrating too early and then regretting it. Like Leon Lett in the Super Bowl or this college track competitor, a participant in the EVO 2015 event got caught up in the moment, realized his mistake but can't recover quickly enough.

Based on what we've been able to piece together from various reports, the competitor known as Woshige thinks he has defeated Ogawa in the Guilty Gear Xrd tournament. He hasn't. Internet fame/shame ensues:

With the right accessories, a Samsung smartphone can become a Virtual Reality machine. We went to the E3 convention in Los Angeles to give it a test spin:

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Video games are in an unending battle to become more realistic and blur the line between the virtual and the reality. That's why EA Sports is so excited about its latest installment of PGA Tour: the graphics engine driving the game's landscape rendering is perfect for delivering a playing experience unlike any other golf game. One of the game's developers talks to ThePostGame about why fans should be excited.

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Among the many new features in EA Sports' NHL 16 is the users' ability to have greater control of all three positions (goalies, forwards and defensemen). Another is the inclusion of signature arena goal celebrations such as Calgary's flame shooter and the cannon in Columbus. Here's more insight from one of the game's designers:

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