Like so many other fantasy owners, Nick Lachey is middling in mediocrity.

The singer and Cincinnati native is in two leagues, and he’s stuck in the middle in both.

"It’s not a fantastic year," Lachey told ThePostGame, "but not a catastrophic one either."

Lachey, a huge Bengals fan, says he has been accused before of "drafting with my heart and not my head," so lately he’s tried to change that. Despite several solid fantasy weapons on the Bengals offense, including quarterback Andy Dalton and wide receiver A.J. Green, this year the only Cincinnati player on either of his rosters is place kicker Mike Nugent.

Despite the dearth of Cincinnati players on his roster, Lachey can’t help but sympathize with the Bengals.

"Like the Bengals, I've just got to make it to the postseason," Lachey said, "then anything can happen."

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Josh Freeman says that Fantasy Football is great for extending the NFL's fan base. He knows because he hears about his performance on a day-to-day basis from fantasy fans, be it on the street, at the movies or even at the supermarket.

"I was at a Publix supermarket, grabbing some milk," Freeman said at an event to promote the new video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II, "and this older lady came up to me. She was tellin' me how she had a huge family and that they had started up a league, how it was her first year playing fantasy."

Freeman was expecting one of the two lines that he usually gets from fantasy players.

"It's always like: 'Oh, I'm so glad I got you on fantasy' or 'Man, you killed me last week,'" he said.

But it turns out that Freeman wasn't even on her roster.

"She said, 'Make sure you throw the ball to Dallas Clark,'" Freeman said, laughing. "It was hilarious."

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For fantasy football owners, now is about the time of the year when the panic sets in. After weeks of checking your team, swapping in players and devoting ungodly amounts of time to your W/R flex position, you've realized that the playoffs are a pipe dream.

The guys at the NOC feel your pain.

The same team that released such parody classics as "Jeremy Lin That I Used to Know" and "Whistle" recently unveiled their newest video, "1-8." The song has the same tune as Katy Perry's "Wide Awake," but in this video a fantasy football owner is lamenting his horrific squad.

"I wish I picked then who I know now -- Andrew Luck and Andre Brown," sings Jesse Adelman. "Fantasy hurts, it's looking so bleak. I wish I could just take, take a bye week."

This text will be replaced

If this video characterizes how you're feeling about your fantasy team, don't worry, it will all be over soon.

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