After a while, determining fantasy football draft order randomly can take some of the excitement out of the game. So in an effort to spice up his league's selection process, one Baltimore Orioles pitcher got creative.

Reliever Darren O'Day initially wanted to have a snail race to select draft order for the Orioles' league, but he nixed that idea because it's difficult to buy snails.

O'Day, who lives by the harbor in Baltimore, found his inspiration one day when looking out over the water. He saw crabs galore, and he had the answer to his quandary.

"I thought, 'Beautiful," O'Day told the Baltimore Sun. "That’s what you do in Maryland. Crabs and football, right?'"

O'Day, an animal biology major at Florida who once wanted to become a veterinarian, stopped by a local crab house and picked up 24 live blue crabs. He taped their claws and assigned 12 crabs to each of the 12 fantasy owners on the Orioles.

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Then, the crabs were off to the races.

Along with league commissioner and fellow reliever Jim Johnson, O'Day set up an 8-to-10 yard course in the tunnels at Camden Yards. Pitcher Jason Hammel's crab got off to the best start but couldn't finish. Meanwhile, first baseman Chris Davis' crab came from behind to pull out the victory.

"@ChrisDavis_19 picked the Adrian Peterson of crabs to win first pick. This dude was stiff arming and juking everyone," tweeted O'Day.

Unfortunately for the crabs, they didn't have much time to celebrate. They were made into crab dip.

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