New York Jets

You wouldn't think it of a team that drafted Geno Smith, but the New York Jets don't like to take chances.

Consequently, a ship carrying the team's cargo to England for the NFL's annual London game will feature some unusual cargo: 350 rolls of toilet paper.

It's more than enough product to TP Big Ben and other prominent London landmarks, but the motivation is purely functional, as the manager of team operations tells The New York Times.

"Some may say that's a little over the top or whatnot, but it didn't really cost that much, so why not?" said Aaron Degerness to the NYT. "We're basically trying to replicate everything that we're doing here over there."

In other words, the team's (flimsy) logic is that consistency will make for an easier transition overseas, and hopefully avoid any drop-off in on-field performance.

In total, more than 5,000 individual items are being brought to try and maintain consistency with American life as much as possible, with items including cereal, gauze pads and extension cords outfitted with the proper overseas adapters.

For the Jets, an overseas trip presents an infinite number of headaches and worries, ostensibly due to the fact that NFL players must be treated the same as kindergartners. Degerness describes the horror of having to pass through an airport with duty-free shops.

"It's hard to tell the guys: 'Don't stop. Just keep walking,'" Degerness said. "Those are the things that keep us up at night -- that we get through security, someone stops at duty free, and we leave Ryan Fitzpatrick because we didn't know he wasn't there."

Indeed, the risk of losing your Harvard-educated quarterback in a Home Alone-style charade would be a genuine nightmare.

So there's no telling if the Jets or their team staff are going to make it through this long-distance road trip, in which they will play the Miami Dolphins.

Pray for the Jets. Just don't pray for more toilet paper -- they've got that covered.

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