There is so much to know about Serena Williams right now. With a U.S. Open victory, she can become the first woman to win seven U.S. Opens and equal Steffi Graf as the second player with 22 Grand Slams and second woman with a calendar Grand Slam.

The story started three decades ago when a toddler Williams moved to Compton, California, and started playing tennis. Gatorade capture's Williams' journey to greatness in a bone-chilling one-minute video, "Unmatched."

When a kid Williams is asked what tennis player she would like to be like, she answers, "I would like other people to be like me." Confident from the beginning.

The video is similar to Gatorade's 2014 ad of Derek Jeter traveling through New York in his final season. But that depicted a player's retirement. Williams, at nearly 34, is dominating her sport.

Gatorade also complemented the ad's launch with a 13-foot x 90-foot outdoor mural in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. Each image on the wall portrays one of Williams' 21 Grand Slam titles.

Highlights Of 'Serena 21' Mural

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