7-Foot HS Lineman Almost Literally Larger Than Life

John Krahn

John Krahn is a big guy. He's so big, he might be too big.

For a football lineman, that's saying something.

The high school senior is 7 feet and 440 pounds -- both insane measurables. For context, he's taller than any lineman currently playing in the NFL.

And Krahn has always been a big guy, sometimes to his detriment. According to USA Today, Krahn was kept out of youth football for several years because he exceeded the league weight limits. A player of his size posed a threat to other players.

When the Riverside, California, youth finally got a chance to play middle school football, he started doing damage immediately -- but not in the way you'd hope. In his first football practice, he broke one of his teammate's arms by falling on top of him," according to a feature by The Press-Enterprise.

So it's been an odd ascent for Krahn. But now, his size and physical potential are drawing attention from Division I college football programs.

There's only one more hurdle to clear: Even now, at the college level, coaches want the ML King High defensive tackle to downsize.

"We had Division I coaches on site [at a summer camp] that said they'd consider offering him if he lost some weight," said Jimmy Thomas of USA Football, according to MaxPreps. "They think he could be a force at a lighter weight."

At the moment, Krahn is seen as a raw talent in need of refinement. His footwork needs improvement, and losing weight should improve his agility.

Between his need to lose weight and his rough skill set, Krahn could ultimately land with a junior college, where he can fine-tune his skills and possibly open doors to the Division I level later in his career.

Whatever happens, his size will be an asset for Krahn. Beyond football, he wants to become a police officer someday.

Law enforcement, with that body? He'll be a natural.

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