Jordy Nelson

Jordy Nelson is Aaron Rodgers' favorite target, and by all measures he's worth every penny of the $39 million contract he signed last year.

As a guy who had to walk-on at Kansas State before earning a scholarship and blossoming into a star, Nelson obviously knows the value of work ethic. But where he could sit back and point to his past accomplishments, he continues to put in extra effort -- back on the family farm, that is.

Nelson recently told ESPN the Magazine that he spent part of his summer working 12-hour days on his family's farm, where daily work was a part of life growing up. While the rest of us know him as an NFL star, Nelson sees himself first and foremost as a farmer -- one whose favorite chore is working the cattle.

Nelson also equates farm life with many of the habits needed to succeed in the NFL -- not just a willingness to work hard, but also a reliance on your teammates.

There is one difference between the two: Nelson says compared to farming, the NFL is easy.

"Training camp practice is 2.5 hours but the rest of the time we're sitting on our butts in a film room," he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal in 2012. "Where I come from, it takes me awhile to get back into farming shape. You're always on your feet, walking, trouncing through mud and snow."

Using that same math, Nelson probably enters into NFL training camp in great shape -- and maybe that's why he's beat expectations time and again, in both the college and NFL ranks.

Whatever the case, his routine is working well for him. Aaron Rodgers can go right on winning Jeopardy! and practicing his ninja skills with girlfriend Olivia Munn. Nelson will keep on doing the hard work.

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