Sidney Crosby is superstitious when it comes to preparing for games.

From refusing to walk past the visitors' locker room, the mandatory 5 p.m. peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich, or playing soccer earlier in the day, Crosby takes a strict approach to preparation.

However, Crosby's sister, Taylor, has revealed yet another new superstition. Her brother now refuses to see or speak with his sister and mother before games.

This routine developed as Crosby dealt with a variety of injuries over the past few seasons. He says it can be traced back to seeing and talking to his family.

At a Champions for Change event in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where the Crosbys grew up, Taylor Crosby went into detail about her brother's new routine.

The first time it happened, according to Taylor, was when Sidney separated his shoulder after seeing his sister before the game. He didn't think much of it at the time, until a few more injuries followed the same pattern.

There was the time Crosby tried calling his mother before a game. He broke his foot that night -- the curse had struck again.

Another time, Crosby let his sister see him on his birthday weekend and they met before the game. Guess what happened? Another broken foot.

He made an effort not to see his family before games, but still ran into his sister before the 2011 Winter Classic. He suffered the concussion that kept him out most of the season in that game.

Coincidental as it seems, Crosby isn't willing to take any chances. After all of the on-ice problems he's dealt with, foregoing a little family time is a worthy sacrifice for the NHL star.

But if he sticks to his guns on this rule, he might have a hard time explaining the next injury that strikes.

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