The 2002 MLB All-Star Game finished in a tie. It was a result so offensive that it led to commissioner Bud Selig's decree of using the result of future All-Star Games to determine home-field advantage in the World Series. As a practical matter, that ensures there won't be any more ties in the All-Star Game.

But from an entertainment perspective, MLB could learn something from the Double-A Eastern League All-Star Game on Wednesday.

With the game tied 4-4 after nine innings and no one in favor of a tie, the game looked like it was headed for extra innings. However, the powers that be came up with a better solution than running the risk of overworking pitchers.

They decided to have a Home Run Derby shootout to decide the winner. Each team picked three batters to take one swing, but neither team could hit a home run. That meant a sudden-death, Home Run Derby commenced. Thrilling, right?

Here's video of the awesome tiebreaker.

Maybe the idea isn't foolproof, because the shootout did go 11 rounds, but coaches did the pitching, so pitchers weren't jeopardized. Reading Fightin' Phils outfielder Brian Pointer won it for the Eastern Division.

However, 11 rounds of a Home Run Derby beats a tie any day.

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