At the 2016 Summer Olympics, golf will end its 100-year hiatus and return to the largest sporting stage.

Only, in the world of golf, the Olympics aren't held in quite so high of a regard.

PGA star Adam Scott is among the golfers who has responded to the Olympic opportunity with little more than a shrug.

Scott would be a heavy favorite to qualify as a representative of Australia, his home country. But the golfer told Reuters that the Olympics is little more than an afterthought to him.

"I'm planning my schedule around playing majors the best I can. If I can fit going to the Olympics into that, it might be a bit of fun, then lucky me if I qualify," Scott told Reuters. "But if not, I'm not going to miss it, that's for sure, and I'll enjoy watching."

Scott, who won the Masters in 2013, goes on to explain that the Olympics have never been a goal of his, and the inclusion of golf does little to change his career priorities.

He remains focused on the four major tournaments on the PGA Tour, and wants to maintain a schedule that will best position him to compete at those events.

"To go and play an exhibition event down there [at the 2016 Olympics] to meet some athletes (in other sports) in the middle of the major season, I don't think any other athletes in their sport would do that," Scott said.

It was a hard-fought battle for golf to regain status as an Olympic sport, but apparently the golf community isn't all that enamored with the opportunity.

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