As if the rest of the world hadn't already played the word association game in their head, Jordan Spieth confirmed what some already would have guessed: His parents named him after Michael Jordan.

It's easy to hear the name "Jordan" and immediately recall the greatest basketball player in history, and it's almost as easy to project an air of greatness onto a stud athlete that shares the name. After all, the guy was going to get MJ references no matter if he was named after an almond or a country in the Middle East.

But Spieth, in the wake of his win at The Masters, is drawing comparisons with sports greats from past generations. Given that, it's all too perfect that he has a fun connection to one of them.

Maybe if he were a few years older, his parents would have named him Tiger.

Spieth revealed the story behind his name while on CBS This Morning. He talks about his first name at the 4:55 mark, but the full interview is available here:

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