During the presser to pump up his upcoming bout against Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather said he borrowed a WWE tactic by reinventing his character from Pretty Boy Floyd to Money Mayweather. But Mayweather might actually be reading from Rocky Balboa's playbook. Consider:

    Boxer Vs. Wrestler
  • In Rocky III, the Italian Stallion matches up against wrestling champ Thunderlips (aka, The Ultimate Male, portrayed by Hulk Hogan).
  • At WrestleMania XXIV, Mayweather faces off against The Big Show (aka, Paul Wight, former Wichita State basketball player).
    Chopping Wood
  • In Rocky IV, Balboa prepares to face Soviet machine Ivan Drago by setting up camp in the Siberian wilderness and adopting an old-school, cross-training regimen.
  • Mayweather posts an Instagram video that shows himself breaking down logs with an ax.


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For his next video, maybe Mayweather can pull a sled with Justin Bieber aboard the way Rocky did with Paulie.

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