LeBron James has good genes. His son, LeBron James, Jr., is only 10 years old, but he's not merely a competent basketball player -- he's a downright impressive one.

Fourth grade is pretty young to make observations about a young kid's prospects as a professional basketball player, but Junior is making a pretty strong case that he's a force to be reckoned with. At an All-Star basketball tournament hosted by former NBA player John Lucas, James Jr. strung together a highlight reel that showcases many impressive skills on offense:

Not only does he have a strong three-point shot, but he seems to have mastered the floater in the paint well -- a nice asset that requires a soft touch.

He's very capable at crossing over and driving into the paint, but perhaps most impressive is his court vision and ability to find his teammates for open shots. On numerous occasions, James Jr. waits for defenders to collapse on him before he kicks it out to an open teammate or finds a wide-open man under the basket for a layup.

Even with raw talent, that basketball IQ can be tough to develop. Plenty of current pros haven't figured out how to balance aggressive scoring with floor awareness and timely passing (heretofore known as Dion Waiters Syndrome).

The way James Jr. runs the offense and blends scoring with passing does, indeed, recall the playing style of his dad. Pretty big shoes to fill, granted, but if he's this good this young -- this is an All-Star tournament, mind you, not just some YMCA ball -- the ceiling is pretty high.

For a little more film, check out this video of James Jr.'s AAU tournament performance from last year:

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