The Seattle Seahawks knew that a seemingly commanding 22-0 halftime lead in the Super Bowl wasn't safe against the Denver Broncos, one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history.

Fortunately for Russell Wilson and Co., Seattle had no trouble in the second half, and now the Super Bowl-winning quarterback has opened up about why the Seahawks were so dominant after the intermission.

In an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show, Wilson said he took advantage of the extra long halftime at the Super Bowl by showering and stretching again.

“I took my whole uniform off, I took a shower and everything. Halftime is about 45 minutes, so I took a shower, I re-taped everything, got my arm stretched again,” Wilson said. “That kinda restarted our minds, so [when] we came out at halftime it felt like it was a brand new game. So that’s why I think we played so well.”

The Seahawks got off to a quick start in the second half, as Percy Harvin returned the opening kick for a touchdown. Seattle's defense forced a punt and recovered a fumble on Denver's next two drives, the second of which resulted in Wilson's first touchdown pass of the game. Playing in his first Super Bowl, Wilson was 18-for-25 for 206 yards and two passing touchdowns.

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