Several years ago David Babcock, a graphic design professor at the University of Central Missouri, took up two hobbies: knitting and running.

Babcock enjoyed both activities, but they proved rather tedious. So he decided to combine them.

Babcock, 41, is a running knitter. Or a knitting runner. And he's pretty good. Over the weekend Babcock completed the Kansas City Marathon while also making a scarf. He finished the marathon in a time of 5:48:27 and knitted a scarf that measured 12 feet, 13/4 inches, a new world record (yes, world record). While Guinness hasn't verified the record yet, Babcock has most likely shattered British runner Susie Hewer's mark of 6 feet, 9 inches.

In case you were wondering, Babcock's unique hobby isn't all that dangerous. For him, at least. Early in his days of knitting while running, Babcock didn't see a pothole and took a tumble. Other than that, he's been fall free.

“I have a very smooth gait,” Babcock told the Kansas City Star.


For more information about Babcock and his charitable pursuits, see here.

(H/T to Deadspin)