ThePostGame recently caught up with Cleveland Cavaliers forward Anthony Bennett, the top overall selection of the 2013 NBA Draft. Bennett had just finished testing out some maps in "Call of Duty: Ghosts" for the Global Multiplayer Reveal Event in Los Angeles.


ThePostGame: What did you think of "Call of Duty: Ghosts" and the new multiplayer maps?
ANTHONY BENNETT: I really loved it. Just playing online, it’s got some great features.

TPG: Do you get to play "Call of Duty" a lot?
BENNETT: The past couple weeks, not really. I’ve just been going back and forth, traveling. I left my Xbox in Cleveland, so once I go back I’m going to be playing it for a while.

TPG: It’s been almost two months since draft night. Looking back on that experience, what comes to mind?
BENNETT: It was just a great opportunity. God has blessed me, put me in a position to take care of my family. So I’ve just got to keep working, do everything right.

TPG: Is it nice to be done with all the pre-Draft workouts and interviews?
BENNETT: The interviews were crazy, man. Each one went for at least two hours, every interview in every city. I’m happy I’m done with that.

TPG: Any bizarre or unusual questions?
BENNETT: Not really. They just wanted to get to know me. I told them I was a pretty cool, chill guy, so it wasn’t anything too dramatic.

TPG: What's the best piece of advice you've gotten about playing in the NBA?
BENNETT: Just always work hard on and off the court. You’ve got to take care of your body, because that stuff comes around to get you at the end. You can stay in the league for a longer period of time if you just stretch everyday.

TPG: I know you’re recovering from shoulder surgery. This offseason have you been able to work on your game or is it mostly rehab?
BENNETT: Just mostly rehab. Right now I’m kind of getting back into it, but slowly. On the court stuff, just shooting for around 45 minutes. Doing a lot of the basic movements.

Everything is going fine with the rehab process and recovery.

TPG: With you and Tristan Thompson on the Cavs and Andrew Wiggins projected to be a top pick in next year’s draft, this might be the strongest era ever for Canadian basketball players. How excited are you for the future of Canadian basketball?
BENNETT: I’m really excited. Everybody’s doing their part, going out there and working hard. We just had Team Canada training camp out in Toronto, everybody was there, putting in the work and going two times a day.

Everybody was getting better under the same roof in the same gym, pushing each other. I feel like that’s what we need.

TPG: What you guys talked about the possibility of getting together for the 2016 Olympics and maybe making some noise?
BENNETT: Yeah, that’s one of our goals. Everybody’s working for it right now, working out and doing everything right. Hoping to qualify and make things happen in 2016.