ThePostGame recently caught up with actor Dennis Haysbert. Perhaps most famous for the Allstate commercials in which he serves as the narrator, Haysbert is also a highly accomplished film and television actor. His credits include 24, The Unit, Far From Heaven and Major League.

The second annual Dennis Haysbert Humanitarian Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic presented by Allstate will take place on Aug. 26. See here for more details.


ThePostGame: If you could pick anyone alive for a dream foursome, who would it be?

DENNIS HAYSBERT: Oh man (laughs). Let me see. That’s a hard one. Tiger [Woods] would have to be there. Lee Trevino. There's so many. Understand this is just one group. I could mention so many names, but I really enjoy watching Ian Poulter play. Especially as it pertains to the Ryder Cup. I think he has the most heart of any player on either team when he’s playing the Ryder Cup.

There's something that happens to him, it doesn't necessarily happen to him in regular tournaments, but it's sort of like he’s coming out a shell and just plays amazingly well. I'd just like to play with him to get into his head a little bit. "Man, what happens to you when you play the Ryder Cup as opposed to playing regular tournaments?" I know how good he is and it kind of boggles my mind why he hasn’t been in the chase for a major yet.

TPG: So it'd be you, Tiger Woods, Lee Trevino and Ian Poulter?

HAYSBERT: Yeah, that’s the first group I can think of right now. But there’s other names. I’d love to play with [Jason] Duffner, Keegan Bradley, Rickie Fowler. I’d to play with [Phil] Mickelson, I’d love to watch him around the greens.

TPG: So maybe President Obama could be in the next foursome?

HAYSBERT: Maybe, I have my whole presidential list of former presidents I’d love to play with.

TPG: Is it true that President Obama still calls you Mr. President?

HAYSBERT: I think all former presidents call other former presidents Mr. President, and it was almost as if I was actually the president because he does refer to me that way [Haysbert played President David Palmer in 24].

Of course it’s tongue-in-check, but when a sitting president calls you Mr. President, it’s pretty awesome.

TPG: You grew up in the Bay Area, how closely do you still follow the Giants, 49ers and Warriors?

HAYSBERT: Very closely. I have an app for the Giants and for the 49ers. And the Raiders. I really enjoy watching the Raiders, because I’m not a fair weather fan. And one of these days they’re going to put it together.

And the Warriors, I think what they did last year was just amazing. And I think they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. If Steph Curry stays healthy.

TPG: What's the forecast for the 49ers this year? Do you think they can get back to the Super Bowl?

HAYSBERT: They're going to have a tough battle with Seattle. But because the NFC West is so strong, if they can get through the NFC West and win the NFC West, I don’t see who can stop them.

There’s something about how coach Harbaugh coaches. Both the Harbaugh brothers. They were one timeout away from winning the Super Bowl last year. When they were down at the seven-yard-line and they called that timeout, I talked to a number of the Ravens players and they said that they had a big sigh of relief because they were out of position. And they all say the 49ers would have scored on that first play had they not called timeout.

TPG: You’ve done a lot of sports movies, what do you enjoy about those sorts of films?

HAYSBERT: In some ways I get to play some of the sports I really love. I've always been an athlete. I approach my roles as an athlete would. I stay in shape, I get my rest. I really try to get as physically fit for roles as I can because sometimes when you’re working those hours – and those hours can be crazy – you need to be on a solid foundation.

Athletics does that for me.

TPG: Your voice is so famous that Allstate runs commercials with your voice but not your image and people still know that it’s you. Do you get a lot of double takes when you’re ordering at restaurants?

HAYSBERT: Yes (laughs). And just a lot of great compliments. As soon as I open my mouth people know exactly who I am. And they say, "Oh my God, you’re the guy from the Allstate commercials."

And then they also ramble off other movies and everything else, which is always nice. It’s very interesting because Allstate is on 24/7, 365, every day you hear my voice or see me on television. It’s no wonder that people would recognize me from Allstate.