Some 6-year-olds are still hitting baseballs off a tee.

Not Spencer Conn.

Conn is the star of a new viral video, which features him bashing five home runs over a 120-foot fence. And if that wasn't impressive enough, the five home runs supposedly come on the first pitch of five consecutive at-bats. The feat takes place over two games (three home runs in one and two in the next).

Now, as with all YouTube videos, we must be wary of this clip's authenticity. Such a performance by a youngster sounds mind-boggling, but, hey, we've learned to never underestimate 6-year-olds.

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Much of the reason for Spencer's remarkable success is his stellar form. As you can see, Spencer has a good stance and a powerful swing. Whether he actually pulled off this feat in five pitches may be debatable, but it's clear that he's not hitting these home runs by accident.