ThePostGame recently caught up with NBA All-Star Roy Hibbert. The Indiana Pacers star was at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles testing out Call of Duty: Ghosts.


ThePostGame: You said it’s been a dream of yours to make it to E3. How has it lived up to expectations?
ROY HIBBERT: It's been great. Just walking around, interacting with people. And it's actually refreshing because I'm an NBA player, so most of the time when I go anywhere, people want to say this, that and the other.

But when I’m here, the most popular people in the room are the developers. It's nice that I can just be a fan and enjoy this.

TPG: Are you a big video game player? If so, which are your favorites?
I’m not going to lie, I only play Call of Duty. It's not because they brought me out here, when I go home, me and my boy play COD all the time.

TPG: Are there any other guys on the Pacers who are into Call of Duty?
HIBBERT: Jeff Pendergraph and Paul George are probably the two other guys that play a lot.

TPG: Who's the best?
HIBBERT: Pendergraph is pretty good. I like just playing the game to see how I do. To go out there and put all my worries away and get immersed in the game.

TPG: You recently started a viral sensation, the Roy Hibbert Challenge. What do you remember from the initial Gatorade chug in Game 7 against the Heat?
HIBBERT: I just remember it was a quick timeout and I needed to get as much fluids into me as possible. I just did the challenge today on ESPN. I did it in four seconds. It wasn’t my best work, but it was pretty good.

TPG: Was that out of the ordinary for you?
HIBBERT: It’s ordinary, but it was the first time it got caught on camera. I watched it and I was like "Oh, man, they're about to kill me on this."

TPG: Did you have any idea it would blow up like it did?
HIBBERT: I didn’t think it would blow up, but when you get handed lemons, you’ve got to make lemonade. So I just challenged other people to do it. And social media is great because Vine is out, it’s the new big thing. I jumped on the bandwagon.

TPG: What's the best or funniest Roy Hibbert Challenge that you've seen?
HIBBERT: I saw somebody pour it all on their head in like two seconds. That was probably the funniest one.

TPG: You’ve played for the Jamaican National Team in the past but have also expressed interest in playing for the United States. Going forward, do you know which country you’ll represent?
HIBBERT: I played for team USA back when I was younger, in college, 21 and under. If they asked me to play for Team USA, I’d probably do that again.

But obviously, my dad’s from Jamaica and that team is great. But I think I need to focus on other stuff now.


Hibbert answered a series of quick, get-to-know-you questions. Watch the video below to hear about his ideal date night, his celebrity crush and his favorite food:

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