Welcome to the NFL, Robert Gill.

A 29-year-old rookie on the Arizona Cardinals, Gill has bounced around various semi-pro teams across the country over the past few years. At one point he was even clocked as running a 4.19 40-yard-dash. Danton Barto, currently a scout with the St. Louis Rams, said the only other player he'd seen with speed like Gill's was Deion Sanders.

“The one thing you can’t teach is speed. And his speed was …" Barto told the Cardinals website, "you don’t see too many guys in your life as fast as Robert is."

NFL fans may get to see Gill show off his wheels in a few months, but in the meantime the 5-foot-10 Gill provided a preview of his speed in a video that has quickly gone viral. In the clip below, Gill hopes on a treadmill and runs for a few seconds at 25 miles per hour. That's right, he goes straight from 0 mph to 25 mph.

For comparison, Usain Bolt is said to have hit top speeds of around 28 mph.

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This stunt seems a little dangerous, especially seing as Gill is hoping to finally stick around in the NFL. But on the other hand, maybe this video will actually help Gill's chances by showing his unbelievable speed.

Gill, for one, seems to think so:

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