A New Zealand hip hop crew is giving "throwback" a whole new meaning.

The group, called "Hip Op-eration," is composed of senior citizens who get down to contemporary beats. They call themselves the world's oldest hip-hop dance group, and there's little reason to doubt that claim. Several of the members are in their 80s and 90s, and one woman, 96-year-old Violet Hollis (aka Granny V), is in a wheelchair.

Hip Op-eration is a phenomenon Down Under after performing in the National Hip Hop Championships and auditioning for "New Zealand's Got Talent." In August they'll be taking their talents to Las Vegas for the World Hip Hop Dance Championships.

"I have had a triple bypass and there are lots of people here with hip and knee operations," 80-year-old Brenda Long, aka BB Rizzell, told Rebecca Howard of the Wall Street Journal. "We're the spare-parts team."

Billie Jordan, the crew's manager, moved to Waiheke Island after an earthquake struck her hometown of Christchurch in southern New Zealand. She explained to the Wall Street Journal that her job hasn't always been easy, but the old-timers are quick learners.

"The hardest to teach them was a move that involved grabbing on to their crotch—which they resisted doing for ages," Jordan said. "But now they grab their crotches without a second thought."

While the crew will certainly be making headlines when they compete in August, here's a sneak peek at what they have to offer:

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