We have iPods, iPhones, iPads and now ... iBikes?

For the "One Motorcycle Show" in Portland, two guys from Instrument, a digital media company, created a motorcycle using parts of Apple products.

Justin Lewis, Instrument's director of strategy, and Tony Grubb, the associate creative director, began working on an old 1973 CB750 last fall. They took the bike apart and then built it up using different parts of a Mac computer.

For Lewis and Grubb, it was a nice change of pace from their day jobs.

"We're a digital agency," Lewis told Digital Trends, "we love to actually do things with our hands, we don’t always get to do that here with the work we do."

The gas tank on the bike is sculpted from Mac tower panels, while a Mac computer provided the parts for the power switch, USB port and stereo jack.

And the centerpiece of the bike is an iPhone on the front panel, with an app developed by Lewis and Grubb. The app allows the phone to serve as a speedometer, odometer and compass for the motorcycle. Down the road, it could even tell the rider how much gas is left in the tank.

Bill Roberson of Digital Trends writes that the app's potential is staggering:

"With a simple go-between module in the wiring harness similar to what is being used now to hack (or shall we say, “modify”) fuel-injection maps, the app could conceivably plug right in to the modern data path and show speed, RPMs and any number of other performance factoids floating around in today’s increasingly digitized motorcycles."

And, of course, in addition to all these features, the phone can also be used to listen to music.