If you're looking to take an extended trip on your motorcycle but don't have enough room to store all your luggage, you may want to look into a bagger.

The "bagger" is a motorcycle with built-in saddlebags on the back. A simple yet brilliant idea.

Baggers have exploded onto the bike scene over the past few years, with Honda, Suzuki and other manufacturers adding the bikes to their lines. The motorcycles have become so legit that they even have a magazine devoted to to them, Baggers.

"A bagger you could actually take across country and put your stuff in the saddlebags," Jordan Mastagni, editor-in-chief for Baggers, told KABC in Los Angeles, "you don't have to worry about jimmying up piece of luggage to the seat or a sissy bar or whatever."

From a style perspective, the addition of the saddlebags allows designers to play around with the bike's look. Last year dozens of cool and creative baggers were put on display at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.