This weekend in Canada a group of 30 skiers performed a stunt that many of us could only dream about.

Mikaël Kingsbury, a 20-year-old moguls world champion, organized the feat on Facebook. Several dozen mostly professional skiers got together at the Mt. St. Sauveur ski resort in Quebec. At first, they practiced doing simultaneous backflips in small groups.

Then they lined up and attempted to do 30 simultaneous backflips. They couldn't pull it off on the first try, but the second attempt resulted in this beautiful stunt:

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"We were pretty stoked," Jérôme Bernèche, one of the skiers, told Sky News. "I don't think anybody really expected it to work that well. We went for lunch [and] got a big poutine [typical Canadian dish] to celebrate."

The stunt is believed to be a world record, but there has been no confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records.

Here's another angle: