ThePostGame recently caught up with Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith, who had just finished testing out some maps in "Call of Duty, Black Ops II." Smith bested teammate Ray Rice, three games to one.


ThePostGame: Are you a big video game player? Do you have any favorites?
TORREY SMITH: I'm a huge video game player. I think No. 1 for me would be Call of Duty, No. 2 would be FIFA and Madden.

TPG: Who's your stiffest competition in the locker room in terms of Call of Duty?
SMITH: We have a lot of great guys. Bryan Hall is pretty good, Arthur Jones … We have some great competition, probably about 20 guys play.

TPG: I understand the Ravens now use iPad for their playbooks. Does anyone use those iPads as video game consoles? If Coach Harbaugh caught you doing that, what would be the punishment?
SMITH: [laughs] They make sure you can't have video games on there. It’s strictly the playbook.
I think it's a better way, rather than carrying around a big old book. You can go in and go directly to stuff the same as you would with a book.

TPG: Did the old guys on the team have a problem with the iPad?
SMITH: Ray [Lewis] had it. He was the mufasa of the group [laughs], so he did fine with it. If he can handle it at that age, we definitely know how to handle it.

TPG: What does your offseason training regimen look like?
SMITH: This offseason is a little different. [The season went] longer, so I actually had to rest longer. I remember when I first tried to come back, my body just felt horrible. They were like, 'You need to rest more!' Because I'm not used to taking too much time off.

I think taking rest was the best thing for me. And I've been back and flying around. Feeling healthy and fast and strong, so I'm looking forward to starting this workout cycle.

TPG: Jacoby Jones is performing admirably on "Dancing With The Stars." In your opinion, who's the best dancer on your team?

SMITH: Definitely Jacoby Jones. He’s on the show for a reason. He has the best celebrations in the league right now. I can't really think of anyone who even celebrates like him, besides Victor Cruz. He has a little salsa dance.

There's no one else who's doing anything as creative as Jacoby in terms of dancing. And I'm sure there’s no one else who even puts in as much time as he does practicing his celebrations. He has at least three ready each week, so that takes some time to get ready.

TPG: You grew up in ACC country. You played at Maryland. What do you think about Maryland in the Big Ten?
SMITH: It hurts, man. It doesn't really seem like it fits. It doesn't really make sense to me, but it's not for me to make those decisions. Obviously it was a financial-based move and it will be best for the team and best for the university. And I guess at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

But it's just weird being a player because I can't relate to it. When they go to play Michigan or play Ohio State it's like, 'Well, I don't know what that feels like.' Even though it's some great football, it's all brand new to me.

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