ThePostGame recently caught up with Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, who had just finished testing out some maps in "Call of Duty, Black Ops II." Rice was topped by teammate Torrey Smith, three games to one.


ThePostGame: Are you a big video game player? Do you have any favorites?
RAY RICE: My favorite video game is Call of Duty. I have some other favorites, but today is about Call of Duty and that's definitely my No. 1 right now.

TPG: How often do you get to play video games during the season?
RICE: During the season there's always time for video games. Obviously we have to wait until after our work day is done, but I usually get a good three to four days of my video game time.

TPG: Who's your stiffest competition in the locker room in terms of Call of Duty?
RICE: My stiffest competition in the locker room is my main man, Torrey Smith. He’s definitely pretty good.

TPG: I understand the Ravens now use iPads for their playbooks. Does anyone use those iPads as video game consoles? If Coach Harbaugh caught you doing that, what would be the punishment?
RICE: Nah, they banned all video games off the tablets. It’s strictly work with our playbooks.

TPG: What does your offseason training regimen look like?
RICE: It's pretty intense. I obviously lift weights, I do a lot of stretching, a lot of deep tissue massage, take care of the body.

But what I do is I break down and build up. I actually lost 10 pounds after the season, and then I build back up for the season.

TPG: You’ve been the most durable running back in the NFL over the last five seasons. What do you attribute that to?
RICE: It's a testament to what I put in my body and how I take care of it. I had a great leader who just retired this year in Ray Lewis, who taught me how to take care of my body, on and off the field. And I’ve just followed his lead.

There's no shocking surprise a guy can come back and play from a triceps tear and play 17 seasons. There's no surprise there that he takes care of his body. Just taking bits and pieces from him and his regiment really has helped me out over the last couple years.

TPG: You and Ray Lewis developed quite the bond. How are things going to be different for you with him no longer in the locker next to you?
RICE: This season will be totally different without Ray Lewis. My main reason the locker room will be different is because I won’t have his overlapping shoes in my locker. He definitely carried a lot of shoes [laughs].

His leadership, his speeches. It wasn't more about tackles for him. It was about solely winning the Super Bowl ring to truly say we're bonded for life. And it's amazing to know that that one piece of jewelry is what really –- not that our brotherhood is going anywhere -– but as a teammate that will keep us together for life.

TPG: How is your role going to be different with veterans like Lewis, Ed Reed and Anquan Boldin gone? Do you see yourself having a larger leadership role this season?
RICE: I think my leadership role definitely enhances a little bit more. I'm one of the guys where I lead by example. I want them to watch me. If I have to vocally say something, then I’ll step in.

I’m not one of the guys who’s just going to get up there and make speeches and go up in the front of the room when I don’t have to. I think that the way we work as a team, the way we work as a group, everybody should be accountable for each other. But then you have your guys that have to step in once in a while. And I definitely don’t mind being one of the guys that has to step in and grab a few guys and just kind of guide them throughout the way.

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