If you think the Heat are complacent after bulldozing through the second half of the NBA season and entering the playoffs as almost the unanimous choice to win the title, think again.

After a recent practice, reigning MVP LeBron James challenged three-point specialists Mario Chalmers and Ray Allen to a shooting contest. Maybe the idea came to James after the Heat only shot 7-for-23 from beyond the arc against the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 1 of their first-round series. Or maybe it was because James is one of the most competitive athletes on earth.

Either way the contest provided great theater, as well as a reminder that the competitive fire is alive and well in Miami.

Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press described the scene after practice:

"[James] would yell at his shots, pleading with them to "Get up" or "Sit down." When Chalmers or Allen would miss, James would shout "That's what I needed." And when he took his final attempt, the one that clinched the game, James knew he'd won when the ball was still in flight, saying "Game time" just before the shot went down."

The Miami Herald's Joe Goodman captured the end of the contest, which included Allen's and Chalmers' punishment: 20 push-ups.

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If the NBA's all-time leader in three-point shots can't defeat James in a shooting contest, can anyone?