If watching a 14-year-old compete in the Masters wasn't detrimental enough for your sense of accomplishment, consider this: A 20-year-old in California is getting ready to fly around the world by himself.

Fresno native Jack Wiegand has been flying for more than a third of his life (seven years). Wiegand has logged 600 flight hours, and now he's ready for his biggest challenge -- a solo crossing of the globe.

He'll take off May 1, and if he's back by his 21st birthday on June 22, he'll have a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the youngest to complete this solo trip.

Even if something goes wrong, he'll still have a year to break the record set by Switzerland's Carlo Schmid.

Wiegand says his parents are supportive of his mission. And they should be, seeing as they bought him his first glider plane on his 13th birthday.

"I always joke with them that it was the worst financial decision they ever made in their life," Wiegand told ABC 30.

Wiegand will make 24 stops on his journey, and while he is pretty confident in himself, there is one thought that troubles him.

"I think my biggest worry is something mechanically happening to the plane," he says. "A mechanical fault would be really kind of an unfortunate situation, especially over large bodies of water.