ThePostGame recently caught up with San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain, who had just finished testing out some new maps in "Call of Duty, Black Ops II." Cain was topped by fellow MLB All-Star Evan Longoria, three games to none.


ThePostGame: I'm sorry to see you came out on the wrong side of those games.
MATT CAIN: Yeah, it's all right though. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

TPG: What do you think about the new maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops II?
CAIN: It looks good. They're fun. It's amazing how realistic they are. It almost doesn’t make sense. They've almost thought of everything.

TPG: Is spring training a time for you to shut it down, or do you get to play a little bit when you're in Arizona?
CAIN: I haven't played “Call of Duty” in a while, and I think it showed. I haven't played some of my game consoles in a while. Just having a daughter and taking care of that right now, I just haven’t really played.

But I think that it's one of those things that I get into throughout the season and start doing it a lot on the road.

TPG: So who is the stiffest competition in the Giants clubhouse?
CAIN: [Sergio] Romo's good. Timmy [Tim Lincecum] is really good. There are a couple of guys. Hunter Pence, I hear, is really good. I think those guys are really leading the team in their gaming.

TPG: Switching gears, how has the rest of your offseason been?
CAIN: It's been good. I'm cranking it up right now, starting to finish the last month of throwing and getting ready for spring training. But everything is feeling good so far.

TPG: How does all the celebration and fanfare after this World Series compare to winning it all in 2010?
CAIN: I think this time I kind of took it a little easier. I didn't take on as much in the offseason, I tried to lay low a little bit and just enjoyed my time off.

TPG: Now that you've had some time away from the game, what comes to mind when you think about your perfect game?
CAIN: I think it's just kind of grasping the whole idea of the perfect game. I think that's kind of starting to settle in, you start to slip back on it a little bit seeing some of the highlights of it. It's pretty crazy how that all went down. It's kind of surreal, really.

TPG: In the wake of that game, there was a lot of neat honors for you -- parts of your uniform were sent to the Hall of Fame, there was a day named after you in San Francisco –- what was the coolest thing for you?
CAIN: All of it in general, really, is probably the best thing. It's kind of hard to put a stamp on any of it because it all ranks up there.

I mean, I've never had a day named after me. To get stuff in the Hall of Fame ... the whole entire experience has just been pretty awesome.

TPG: Speaking of San Francisco, you’ve been there your whole career. You have a great relationship with the city, you even own a house in the Bay Area. How rewarding has it been for you to stay with the Giants since you came into the league?
CAIN: It's been great. Just being brought up in the organization since 2002. And then going through some rough years and then all of a sudden being able to have it pay off and be at the top of it. It's been pretty cool to see that and see how the organization runs.

They've done a great job of keeping it relaxed and pretty similar from year to year. They've really never tried to drastically overdo anything.