ThePostGame recently caught up with the Tampa Bay Rays slugger, who had just finished testing out some new maps in "Call of Duty, Black Ops II." Longoria topped fellow MLB All-Star Matt Cain, three games to none.


ThePostGame: What do you think about the new maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops II?
EVAN LONGORIA: I think they're cool. I want to play them more. You can't really know the features until you start playing them a lot, but I think "Hydro" cool's and I think "Mirage" is cool. I like that "Mirage" feels like a tight cornered map, but there's a lot going on.

TPG: How much do you play during the season? Do you bring your kit on the road?
LONGORIA: I don't play during the season. Some guys do bring their X-Boxes with them and play, but I just stay pretty focused on the game. I just play as much as I can during the offseason and spring training.

TPG: Spring training is just a few weeks away, are you excited to get going this year?
LONGORIA: I am, yeah. I'm looking forward to a really good year. Just overall, I have a lot going on. Obviously I'm excited for the baseball season and our team, and that's first and foremost. But we’ve got a lot going on -- I'm due to have a baby here in April and we’ve got a restaurant opening up in Tampa.

A lot going on, all good things, and so I’m excited.

TPG: It seems like with everything going on with you -- you're coming off an injury, you have a new contract, you're about to be a father and you're opening up a new restaurant -- the anticipation must be through the roof.
LONGORIA: It is. I've just got to really remember to take it in stride and take it one step at a time because stuff can get out of control pretty quickly and it can speed up on you. As long as I take it slowly I'll be fine.

TPG: Are you excited to become a father?
LONGORIA: I’m really excited. I think it’s going to be great. I’m pumped to say the least. It’s kind of tough to put into words, but I’m sure it'll be mind-blowing again once [my daughter] gets here.

TPG: Going into the season, how nice is it for you to have the contract talk out of the way?
LONGORIA: I didn’t really have to worry because I was still under contract. It wasn't like I was in a free agent last year, but I love to play baseball so that’s really what I want to focus on.

TPG: The guy you just beat in Call of Duty had a pretty impressive season, which included a perfect game. It seems like there have been more and more no hitters and perfect games over the past few years, so from a hitter's perspective, how hard is it for a pitcher to do that?
LONGORIA: There have only been 23 [perfect games] all time. You never know, we could go 10 years before we see another one. We're in a little spurt where we've seen a couple in the past four or five years.

But it's incredible. It's really, really hard to do.