A recent trip to the Nova Scotia coast should pay off big time for fisherman Marc Towers.

After wrestling with a humongous Bluefin tuna for two hours, Towers reeled in a fish that could sell for upwards of $30,000 in Japan.

According to the Daily Mail, the fish weighs 1,000 pounds and can be converted into 20,000 pieces of sushi.

Neil Cooke, who accompanied the 30-year-old Towers on the fishing excursion, described the scene on the boat.

"All of a sudden it broke the surface and everyone said, 'It's a monster!'" Cooke told the Daily Mail.

As big as Towers' haul was, it it shy of the all-time record for a Bluefin tuna catch. In 1979 Ken Fraser, also fishing off the coast of Nova Scotia, landed a 1,500-pound fish.

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