There’s not much that Erica Hosseini can’t do. The 25-year-old Newport Beach native gained acclaim as a world-class surfer, but over the past few years she has added model, actress, hostess and techie to her impressive resume.

If you think your life is hectic, listen to all that Hosseini squeezes in: When she’s not shredding waves worldwide, Hosseini spends her time modeling for more than a half-dozen brands, filling in as a stunt double on 90210, filming a weekly action sports segment for GrindTV and working on her website, Twitter page and any piece of technology that she can get her hands on.

All of her pursuits require Hosseini to stay in peak shape, adding another facet to a lifestyle bursting with activity.

"It’s a constant battle," Hosseini says of the challenge of balancing her differing activities. "You’ve got to eat healthy, work out, even when you don’t want to. It’s the lifestyle that I signed up for and that makes me ultimately happy."

Hosseini has worked tirelessly on her brand, whether that means getting in shape for competitions and modeling shoots, or constantly updating her website (she is a self-professed tech geek). It is precisely that drive that has landed Hosseini in advertisements for Oakley, Casio and Sector 9 skateboards, among other brands.

For someone with little on-camera experience, Hosseini has scored some impressive acting gigs. Two years ago Hosseini auditioned for the role of Willow in X-Men: First Class, and last year she served as Gillian Zinser’s stunt double on 90210. Hosseini portrayed Zinser's character, Ivy, during several surfing scenes.

"A door opened and I’ve just been venturing into that avenue a little bit," Hosseini says of acting. "It’s all a whole new world to me, but it’s something that’s extremely exciting that I hope to pursue."

Through it all, Hosseini has not forgotten how to have fun. And a partnership with Jose Cuervo has certainly helped in that regard. Hosseini has worked with Jose Cuervo for several years, and she could not be happier with the collaboration.

"They’re everything that I portray in and out of the water," Hosseini says. "I feel the beach lifestyle for what they represent and what I do just goes so hand in hand with my job of surfing and being on the beach. I enjoy white margaritas, I love having people over and hosting parties and Taco Tuesdays and fun game nights. Everyone seems to be my best friend when I bust out the Jose Cuervo Especial Silver."

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