At a certain point, you've got to feel bad for Tim Tebow. All he wants to do is win, but the guy can't take a step without creating a media firestorm. There's no better example of the Uncontrollable Tebowmania than these past few days. In the middle of June, months away from the start of the football season, Tebow managed to find himself in the headlines several times over the past 48 hours:

Last week Tebow spoke at a function for University of Florida boosters. He mentioned that former teammate Brady Quinn liked to brag about his alma mater, Notre Dame, and that Quinn's comments peeved Tebow. Gator Zone published Tebow's comments Monday, and by Tuesday they were all over the internet.

Monday night, Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones was on The Tonight Show, where she suggested that she could ask Tebow on a date to church. Chaos.

Finally, as if Tebow didn't have enough pressure on him already, on Monday Shaquille O'Neal predicted (via Twitter) that Tebow and the Jets would win the Super Bowl this year. Granted, Shaq lost his prophetic powers quite some time ago, but when you mention "Tebow" and "Super Bowl" in the same sentence, you're essentially pulling the Twitter fire alarm.

Here's to a Tebow-free week. Unrealistic, maybe. But a kid can dream, right?

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