The best part about the conference baseball tournaments that come before the NCAA tournament is the sheer amount of games and the possibilities they create. Over the weekend, one of the rarest of plays in baseball was pulled off by the Vanderbilt Commodores in an 8-6 victory over the Florida Gators in the SEC tournament.

Anthony Gomez singled in the go-ahead run, then stole second and third. Then, with the bases loaded, he kicked off the unthinkable when he started sprinting toward home while Florida's Austin Maddox was in mid-delivery.

A triple steal, and it happened as part of a five-run ninth inning, no less. The play by itself is gutsy enough as it is, but to do it with so much on the line just elevates the moment an entire level. The amount of confidence the Commodores have showed up in the postgame interviews.

"It was, 'Why not?'" Gomez told the AP. "Just try to push them as much as we can."

He added that the steal of home "kind of happened, spur of the moment."

Perhaps the best moment in the video is just after the steal, when the camera pans the crowd and an old Vanderbilt fan is mocking Florida with a Gator chomp clap. Priceless.

Sadly, the momentum didn't carry over into the SEC title game, where Vanderbilt lost 3-0 to Mississippi State. But be on the lookout if Gomez reaches third in the NCAA regionals this week.

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