Most of us wouldn't complain if "Super Bowl Monday" was added to the national holiday list. Admit it -- leftover pizza and the sofa are far more appealing the day after the big game than a stale bagel from the conference room and your cubicle.

But would you be surprised to find that Americans are far less likely to call in sick the day of or after sports events like Super Bowl or World Series than sports fans in China or India? A new poll says it's true.

According to MSNBC, a poll by Harris Interactive found that only 11 percent of Americans called in sick to watch a sports event in the past year, and only seven percent of the nearly 1,200 surveyed called in sick the day after an event to recover from the hangover...errr...excitement. Looks like America has both worth ethic and sports fandom down to an art.

Compare that to China, where 58 percent of those surveyed have played hooky to watch a game. In India, that number is 48 percent and in the United Kingdom, 24 percent. Even our hockey-loving neighbors to the north were slightly more likely to take a recovery day after a sports event. And we think we're true fans. We don't even put in the necessary amount of work to skip work.

The only country ranking lower than the U.S. in terms of hooky frequency? The French. Although many Americans love to portray the French as lackadaisical winos always taking holidays in the Riviera, it turns out they pretty much never fake sick days to watch or recover from a sports event. Perhaps the hangover from a nice Bordeaux has less of a sting than that from American light beer? Je ne sais quoi.

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