We've all looked at our speedometer and wondered what it might be like to max out. What would driving 100 mph be like? How about 140 mph?

But have you ever wondered what it's like to travel 462.345 mph?

Wonder no more:

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No part of that video beats the first six seconds. One moment you're looking at the surface of the salt flats in what we can only guess is Utah, and then all of the sudden, a rocket with wheels goes thundering by. It makes NASCAR seem like a steamroller race in mud.

Wait -- maybe the best part of the video is the rear view, where we see a Ford truck peeling off into the dust. How cool would it be to do that in traffic?

You can watch the whole video and marvel at the ridiculous rates of speed, the camera angles and the landmarks and torched Earth. But it all comes back to those first six seconds.

For perspective: 462 mph is more than twice as fast as Indy cars and Formula One cars. It is absolutely hauling tail at more than halfway to the speed of sound (761.2 mph). We'd say don't try this at home, but let's be honest, you couldn't if you tried and you won't try because you don't have a missile for a car. (We know, we know: we wish we had one, too).

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