In June, we brought you the story of Matt Stutzman, an Iowa man born without arms who not only learned the sport of archery but mastered it. How? By teaching himself to place an arrow with his left foot and hold a bow with his right.

So how did Matt spend his summer vacation? He took aim at a mark beyond anything even an able-bodied archer has done: hit a target 230 yards away. Never mind strength and focus; how about the challenge of accounting for the wind?

But obstacles are for mere mortals, as it only took a few seconds in front of an eager crowd in Nebraska over the weekend for Stutzman to reach his goal.

That's a new world record, beating the old standard by 14 yards. And Stutzman's only just beginning. He wants to represent the United States in the 2012 Paralympic Games. No reason he can't do that. And for that

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matter, no reason why Stutzman can't compete with the world's top archers. He is already this good after shooting for only two years.

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