Vincent Kompany

Eden Hazard is one of the best young soccer stars in the world. One year ago, the 24-year-old midfielder earned the PFA Players' Player of the Year Award and FWA Football of the Year, both for the top player in English soccer. He also led Chelsea atop the Premier League table and League Cup.

Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany is so nervous about facing him, he's hoping for a little help when he faces Hazard this weekend.

"You'd almost hope that Eden Hazard would have diarrhea," he said in anticipation of City's home match with Chelsea on Sunday.

Kompany's quote was all in good fun, as he also described Hazard as Chelsea's most dangerous player. Kompany, 29, is City's captain and core of the defense, so his game plan will revolve around containing Hazard.

Eden Hazard

"Now let's be serious," Kompany said. "You can't underestimate the impact he has on Chelsea. And then you'll expect he would have a dip in his performance level. Last week against Swansea, he maybe didn't play his best first half, but when they were reduced to ten, he was the only one who was dangerous.

Because he ran past three-four defenders. You can have as many tactical plans as you want, if Eden starts running, it is chaos. He's at a level where he decides how good his team are."

Chelsea drew its season opener at home in London against Swansea City, 2-2. City knocked off West Brom, 3-0.

Hazard and Kompany are both members of the Belgium National Football Team, which Kompany also captains for. But away from national team duties, Kompany isn't too concerned about Hazard's well-being.

J.J. Watt often seems invincible. When you're supposed to be the NFL's best defensive player and you still manage to chip in five touchdowns on offense, you've earned the mantle of "Renaissance Man."

Watt is capable of doing many things -- to such a degree that he often seems good at everything he does. And while that's almost true, the man is merely mortal after all.

On the most recent episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks," Watt tried his hand at rapping. It didn't go well.

Watt is rapping the 2005 hit song, "Remember the Name," by Fort Minor. The lyrics aren't spit out at what you would call a breakneck pace, but Watt still falls behind in the rhythm.

Then again, maybe we shouldn't give Watt too much trouble for being terrible at something. He's better at football than pretty much anyone, and most of us would kill to be that good at anything.

Plus, Watt has been open about his unflattering attributes. He talked to us earlier this year about his lesser-known flaws:

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is well-known as a football fan. The billionaire apparently enjoys it in all forms: This past weekend, he took in a local Legends Football League game in Omaha, Nebraska, where he lives.

But the Legends Football League isn't like your other non-NFL football leagues. For one, it's the rebranded Lingerie Football League: Its players wear shoulder pads over the tops of cleavage-flaunting sports bras, and players take the field in their underwear.

At any rate -- somehow, the Omaha Heart managed to get Buffett into the arena for a game, enjoying the show from his corporate suite. Beforehand, though, he visited the team's locker room and delivered an upbeat pep talk that referenced his days at Nebraska and offered up some playful coaching to the delighted team:

Not what you'd call a rousing speech (and the Heart lost 26-0 to the Chicago Bliss) but we assume the team is tasked with doing the rousing.

49ers Stadium

Last year, the 49ers' brand-new Levi's Stadium had a problem with its turf -- chunks of grass and dirt so large and uneven that players were at risk of rolling ankles and suffering injuries.

The team thought that problem was fixed during the offseason. But it wasn't. The 49ers were forced to cancel a public practice in the stadium, which is scheduled to host Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7, 2016, due to divots and other problems resulting from the loose turf.

The team moved the public session to its practice facility to give the grass more time to take root and strengthen.

But the turf is far behind the progress the team has expected -- and for a stadium that claims to be the most technologically advanced in the country, it's something of an embarrassment.

"We remain confident that our turf management program will provide a playing surface that meets the team's standards, as we enter the 2015 NFL season," said the team's VP of stadium operations in a statement.

Even so, the turf is creating headaches. New 49ers coach Jim Tomsula had wanted to hold all eight training camp practices in Levi's Stadium, according to the Sacramento Bee. Instead, only two practices have been held in its home stadium.

Meanwhile, there's concern that the turf has actually gotten worse from 2014. After some initial troubles, the grass held together fairly well for the regular season.

But now, the turf actually seems to have gotten worse, despite changes to the soil composition that were believed to have helped the grass hold together.

Levi's Stadium has hosted plenty of non-football events, including major concerts, but new grass has been laid down since all the wear and tear suffered over the summer. Stadium management is under fire to solve the issue fast before the turf gives way in regular-season games.

If the grass doesn't hold, angry players will surely hold the team accountable.

Greg Hardy is suspended for the first four games of the season due to a 2014 domestic violence incident, but the former Carolina defensive end is already earning some points with Cowboys fans.

Hardy pitched in $300 for a plane that flew over Eagles camp Sunday with a banner reading, "WE STILL DEM BOYZ!!!! #SACKSCOMIN."

The movement for the banner was started by Cowboys fans on Previously, Eagles fans publicly announced plans to fly a "WE'VE GOT DEMARCO" banner over Cowboys camp, although, the banner was never flown. DeMarco Murray signed with the Eagles this offseason after four years in Dallas.

According to The Sporting News, the original idea was for Cowboys fans to fly a banner reading "WE GOT THE DIVISION," but Hardy suggested "WE STILL DEM BOYZ."

Eagles fans (40,000, according to ESPN) reacted to the banner with a chorus of "Dallas sucks! Dallas sucks!"

The Eagles' Lane Johnson called the banner "a waste of money" and linebacker Connor Barwin said, "Obviously, it doesn't mean anything at all."

The Eagles and Cowboys are slotted to play in week two, which means Hardy will still be sidelined with his suspension. The rivals meet again on Nov. 8 on Sunday Night Football.

Greg Hardy

The Eagles won the NFC East in 2013, while the Cowboys won the division in 2014 with a 12-4 record. During the each NFC East team has one division title (Redskins in 2012, Giants in 2011).

Two weeks, ago Jets fans pulled a similar stunt, flying a "CHEATERS LOOK UP" banner above Patriots camp.

Taylor Swift's current 1989 World Tour has featured a plethora of famous guests. Just in the past couple weeks, Swift has brought Jason Derulo, Lorde and Nick Jonas up on stage. On Saturday night in Seattle, Fetty Wap and Ciara became two of the latest artists to join Swift.

However, Swift's show was stolen by another type of guest: An athlete. Ciara's boyfriend is a well-known football player in Seattle, who just signed a four-year $87.6 million contract extension to stay in the Emerald City.

That is Russell Wilson coming out in Style to Swift's "Style." The Super Bowl XLVIII champion gets some pop star-like screams from the local crowd. Wilson has lifted the Seahawks to the playoffs in all three of his NFL seasons.

Despite throwing an interception in the final moments of Super Bowl XLIX, Wilson appears past the folly, and he has not lost his good graces with the Seattle fans.

In the meantime, Marshawn Lynch is ready to poke fun at the play, as shown by this spot in "The League."

It is football season, and fans are starting to get crazy. One in particular is this individual, a Kansas City Chiefs fan who posted this picture of his or her toilet:

The post showed up on reddit by a user named PumpJuice. This person clearly does not like or respect the Chiefs' AFC West rivals. Hopefully the user will continue to update the world on how those decals, or whatever product was used, stays on as the year progresses.

Tom Condon was an NFL player before he became an agent. In his time around the game, he's seen the nature of being a professional athlete change -- and, consequently, the role of his work as an agent has changed. When we caught up with Condon at the Super Bowl this past winter, Condon explained how contracts have become just one small part of an agent's job.

With a new season of football ready to begin, agents are busy handling marketing, licensing, creating new career opportunities, and helping players prep for a life after football.

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Tom Brady and Hillary Clinton. Two names synonymous with many of the same things: success, patriotism and high-profile spouses, to name a few.

Oh, and communication privacy. In a new political cartoon, Clinton offers some valuable advice to Brady in the wake of the Deflategate ruling:

The above cartoon is by Gary Varvel, an editorial cartoonist based in Indianapolis, home of the NFL's Colts -- a top Patriots rival. The cartoon serves as a timely dig to both Brady and Clinton, who remain embroiled in scandals that have plagued them over recent months.

Last winter, in the two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, Brady found himself under the microscope after the Patriots' game balls for the AFC Championship Game were found non-compliant with official inflation rules.

In the resulting investigation, which lasted nearly six months, Patriots' employees were found to be texting about Brady's inflation desires. Last week, in upholding Brady’s four-game suspension, the NFL uncovered a new detail: Brady destroyed his cell phone during the investigation.

In March, Clinton gained scrutiny for news she had used her own private e-mail during her time as Secretary of State, rather than use the departmental accounts. She turned over the e-mails that still existed, although deleted e-mails -- which she claims are personal -- were not handed over.

Varvel fans may remember this is not the first time the cartoonist has poked fun at both Clinton and Brady. Back in May, before news of Brady’s destroyed phone surfaced, he saw the future.

In both cases, the general theme is the same. Clinton is a better politician than Brady (and Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick, for that matter). If she is as guilty as Brady, she did a good job keeping her head afloat.

Meanwhile, Brady is going to court to fight a four-game suspension while Clinton maintains her lead for the Democratic Party nomination in the run-up to the 2016 Presidential election.

The Clinton-Brady alignment, however, may be more fiction than reality. Could this picture suggest that Brady wants to help "Make America Great Again?"

It happens all too often, and it's always hard to watch: A team or player celebrates victory too early, only to have the other team catch them off-guard and spoil the win. Think of football players celebrating before the goal line, or soccer players letting up when they think the referees are about to call time. And yes, this painful fact-of-life is well-known to the video gaming world, too. The Rundown takes a closer look.

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