The comic book-loving, mascot-shoving Lopez brothers just got a little quirkier.

Brook, the Brooklyn Nets' center, told reporters this week that he is building a home at Disney World. No joke.

The mansion will be on Disney's Golden Oak, a 980-acre real estate development that is situated on the grounds of the theme park. Properties on this lot go for anywhere from about $2 million to $7 million. Lopez's salary this year is $15.7 million, and that figure will rise to $16.8 million next year.

Lopez says construction on his house will start in a few months and it will be complete in a year and a half.

Among other perks of living in Golden Oak, Lopez will have access to all four Disney Parks as well as free shuttle service.

"My older brother Chris sent me a link when the property development was first announced three or four years ago now," Lopez told reporters. "We joked about doing it. As it got more real and real, I just decided I wanted to do it."

Brook and his brother, Portland Trail Blazers center Robin, are true Disneyphiles who grew up in California going to Disneyland. They've been spotted several times at Disney World, and they both make it a point to visit the park when their teams play in Orlando.

While it may seem extravagant to build a multi-million dollar house on the grounds of a theme park, Lopez had a fairly reasonable justification.

"It's just my place,” Lopez said. "Obviously it’s cheaper down there to build a bigger house (than in New York)."

Lopez can opt out of his contract this summer but he has insisted he would like to remain in Brooklyn. If things don't work out in New York, perhaps he could sign on with one of these proposed expansion squads.

Here's how much The Philippines loves Manny Pacquiao: Not only is he the most celebrated athlete in the country's history, but he also has a second career as an elected politician. Pacquiao has even taken a small foray into the world of professional basketball, to which his many fans have cheered. So it's no surprise that the fighter believes his entire country will be tuning in to watch the most anticipated fight of his career. And he's got a plan to capture that national moment, too.

He's no longer Pretty Boy Floyd. Floyd Mayweather has a new nickname, a new brand and a new state of mind. And, as he's eager to point out, the results so far have been good. He'll need to keep that momentum rolling forward if he wants to take down Manny Pacquiao. In the lead-up to the fight, Mayweather explains why the Money moniker is so important -- not just to his brand, but to his fighting state-of-mind.

Bros are never supposed to expose their buddies for certain unsavory grievances of dating. Yet Andy Murray seems to have done exactly that, telling a live TV audience that his tennis buddy was having a great time with a girl he'd met at a recent tournament -- the only problem was, that guy had a six-month relationship going on back in England.

In this latest episode of "The Rundown," a collaboration between TYT Sports and ThePostGame, we try to figure out what was going through Murray's mind.

The losses keep coming for Nick Saban. First it was the semifinal round of the inaugural College Football Playoff, when his Crimson Tide football team was upset by eventual champion Ohio State.

Now, Saban's been trumped in student government. Alabama's elections for student body president and other elected positions saw Saban finish a distant third to the first and second-place finishers, respectively. Saban mustered six write-in votes from the student body, enough for a third-place finish.

Saban managed to save face by beating out some other prominent individuals receiving write-in votes, including Barack Obama, Tom Brady, and Alabama quarterback Blake Sims. And Saban did pick up support in other races for Bama student government, including 12 for the vice president of academic affairs and 11 for executive vice president, according to

He received another 10 for executive secretary.

Plenty of other members of the football team received write-in votes for various positions, including offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin and star receiver Amari Cooper.

But everyone fell well short of the results in 2009, when then-football standout Julio Jones received so many write-in votes that he was actually elected to the Alabama student senate.

Beyond this obvious joke, the Alabama student government race actually was noteworthy in at least one regard: Elliott Spillers received 8,602 votes to become the first black student body president elected at Alabama since the 1970s.

Fifty-fifty odds he's wearing a shirt that says "I Beat Saban." Does anyone know, do those ship to Ohio?

Promoters for the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight have planned a very light schedule of press events in advance of the long-anticipated bout set for May 2 in Las Vegas. Interest in this match is so heavy that there isn't much left to hype. The fighters did gather for a media session Wednesday in downtown Los Angeles, and of course, that gave Mayweather buddy Justin Bieber a chance to crash the festivities:

Jimmy Butler is a Taylor Swift fan, and he doesn't care who knows it.

The Chicago Bulls shooting guard, who is having a breakout season and is one of the favorites to win the NBA's Most Improved Player award, admitted to ProBasketballTalk that he loves rocking out to the popular singer during warmups.

"My teammates don’t like it very much because it’s country music, but they get over it," Butler told PBT. "I like Taylor Swift. I like music as a whole, but her music is kinda catchy. I’m sure she’ll hear this interview now and be like ‘what’s going on?'"

There's evidence that Butler jams out to T-Swift. Teammate Nazr Muhammed recorded this video of Butler singing along to the song "22" in the locker room.

Butler's love of Swift may extend beyond her body of work. Earlier this season Butler was asked about Swift, who has made her presence known in the NBA community by sitting courtside at several New York Knicks games. Here's what the 25-year-old Butler had to say about the pop star and one of her past beaus:

Not that Swift needs any more financial security (she's reportedly worth $200 million), but now would be a great time to start dating Butler. Earlier this season Butler turned down a reported four-year, $40 million extension offer from the Bulls. He was essentially betting that he could earn more than that by having a sensation season.

And that's just what he's done. While Butler's numbers have trailed off following his red hot start, he's still having a stellar year with per-game averages of 20.2 points, 5.9 rebounds and 3.3 assists. Those are all career highs. Butler is out of the lineup as he recovers from a strained elbow, but when he returns he'll be expected to carry a significant load for coach Tom Thibodeau's squad as it makes a playoff push.

If he's serious about Taylor Swift, Butler should probably reach out to her before the season ends. Last summer Butler spent his weeks without Internet and cable, and if he plans on doing that again this year, it might be hard to get in touch.

Butler may even have some experience with pop stars, as some reports claim he hooked up with Miley Cyrus two years ago.

As free agency got underway, Randall Cobb was worried. He wanted to remain with the Green Bay Packers, but the limited contact between the wide receiver and the franchise led him to believe that maybe the team was headed in another direction.

Those nerves came to a head over the weekend, when Cobb was serving as a groomsman at a friend's wedding in Kentucky. Ahead of the big event, he was pressing his agent to get the deal finished before the Packers changed their minds.

'Saturday morning, I told [my agent] Jimmy [Sexton] to get it done. I was scared,” Cobb said in an interview with ESPN Wisconsin. "I was nervous. I said, ‘Get it done. Whatever I have to do to get back to Green Bay, just make it happen.’"

Jimmy made it happen.

Incredibly proud to continue to be a part of this team and organization. #ChampionshipMindset #GoPackGo

A photo posted by Randall Cobb (@rlcobb18) on

Cobb said he got a call about the finished deal shortly after the wedding party finished with pictures. He stepped outside of the church and tied up the last loose ends, ensuring he would remain a Packer.

His friend, the groom, was also pretty understanding. The man of the hour was Morgan Newton, the former Kentucky quarterback whom Cobb had played with in college.

After Cobb's phone call, the wedding resumed. On Monday, he flew up and put his name on that dotted line.

Scott Julian and Jessica Dempsey want their wedding to be fun for everyone involved. To drive that point home, they chose a path one wouldn't normally take: The couple mailed out 'Save the Date' cards for their wedding that prominently featured New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Accompanied by the declaration, "Let's Party," the card features Belichick looking his most Belichickean: His facial expression lands somewhere between a man who hasn't slept in five days and a man capable of mailing a bomb to a daycare.

But it's hilarious nonetheless, and it caught the attention of the Patriots organization this week.

On their wedding website, Scott and Jessica offer a timeline of key events in their relationship, starting with the first time they met at a Fourth of July party in 2011. Jessica approach Scott and asked if he was wearing a Donte Stallworth jersey, to which Scott corrected her: it was, in fact, a Laurence Maroney jersey.

That's the kind of connection only two Patriots fans could make.

The following January, Jessica and Scott attended the Patriots-Ravens AFC championship game. They had been regular friends up to that point, but as the pair explains, it wouldn't be too much longer until they became an official couple.

Now, they're ready to party. Belichick, you're invited.

Yes, Gronk. You can come too.

The departure of the SuperSonics from Seattle left a lot of NBA fans in the area without a team to call home. A 16-year-old named Connor ranks among those basketball fans, but he's ready to find a new team to celebrate.

So he did the logical thing: he wrote 29 NBA teams personalized letters asking them why he should give them his "fandom."

In the end, Connor only heard from one franchise. But the response was impressive enough that the teenager is now a full-fledged Minnesota Timberwolves fan.

After receiving the handwritten letter from Connor, Timberwolves team president Chris Wright sent a reply with a 10-point argument for why he should become a fan of the Minnesota franchise. Connor later uploaded the photos to the image-sharing site Imgur:

"Similar to David Letterman's Top 10 he does every night, here are my Top 10 reasons with the Timberwolves should be your favorite team," Wright writes, before detailing a series of positive points built around the team's promising crop of young players.

Wright punctuates the list with, "KG IS BACK HOME!"

On Imgur, Connor says that his commitment to the Timberwolves is firm, and that he doesn't mind that the signed basketball the team sent is from an past season -- which he can tell because it features the signature of former Wolves guard Luke Ridnour.

What a victory for everyone involved: Connor has an NBA team to follow, and the Timberwolves finally have a fan residing outside of Minnesota.

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