A determined attempt to get Rihanna's autograph, and the ugly scuttle that ensued, may mark the end of one rugby player's career.

The Gold Coast Suns, an Australian Rugby Team, had recently finished a training trip in the United States when this incident occurred. Several players were at a bar in Los Angeles when the team was told to clear the club for Rihanna and her entourage.

According to the Herald-Sun, Suns player Steve May wanted to get back in the club to obtain an autograph from the pop star. But May was stopped by Josh Gibson, another Australian rugby player who was out with the Suns. May verbally abused Gibson, which is when his Suns teammate Campbell Brown stepped in. Brown reportedly punched May in the face, breaking his jaw.

The club is investigating the incident, but the Herald-Sun reports Brown's career is "hanging by a thread" as the Suns decide whether they'll cut him.

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Brown, 30, has been involved in several off-the-field incidents during his career and has missed a total of 28 games due to suspension.

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Rihanna, Rugby

Michigan fans will settle for any type of victory Saturday.

After a disappointing season by Michigan standards, Wolverines supporters would love to see their team knock off the undefeated Ohio State Buckeyes in this weekend's rivalry game.

And if, somehow, the Wolverines happen to shutout the Buckeyes, the victory will be extra sweet for some daring Michigan fans.

Victory Honda of Monroe, Mich., is offering full refunds on cars purchased between now and Saturday provided, of course, that Michigan blanks Ohio State. The Buckeyes are two-touchdown favorites, and Michigan hasn't shut out its archrival since 1993.

Victory Honda isn't the only dealership offering a promotion around one of this weekend's rivalry games. However their's is probably a better deal than the gimmick offered by an Auburn car dealership.

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Bill Belichick is known for his brilliant, scheming and, according to some people, evil ways. But despite rumors to the contrary, the man does have a heart.

Is there a more romantic way for a football coach to express love than naming a play after his girlfriend?

During the third quarter of Sunday night's Patriots-Broncos game, cameras caught Tom Brady yelling the following audible: "Cougar! Cougar! Linda!" On that play, Brady threw a touchdown pass to Rob Gronkowski.

Belichick's girlfriend is Linda Holliday.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but Belichick doesn't let anything past him. And it's doubtful that he or someone else would name a play "Linda" without his approval. Plus, the fact that the word "cougar" preceded Linda (she is 50, but doesn't look it) makes one wonder whether Belichick was behind the call. Technically, a cougar is an older woman with a fondness for younger men. Belichick is 61, so that might be an added layer of the coach's sardonic wit revealing itself. In either case, here are some looks at Linda:

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Cameron Rodriguez, the Oklahoma City Thunder fan who drained a halfcourt shot last week to win $20,000, may have to forego his financial prize for pure pride.

As it turns out, Rodriguez is on the basketball team at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas, and under NAIA rules, an athlete cannot use his or her sports ability or fame for financial reward.

"I didn't really think about it at first because I was way too excited," Rodriguez told Bloomberg. "After things settled down, I realized we might have an issue because I was receiving a large amount of money."

Rodriguez and his school have devised a creative solution. They're asking the NAIA to consider allowing Rodriguez to apply his reward to his tuition. The appeal is working its way through the system (it must first go through the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference before reaching the NAIA), and NAIA Eligibility Center executive director John Leavens said these cases usually take one to two weeks.

"It would certainly hurt his cause if he had tried to circumvent the rules," Leavens said. “The fact that he connected with the right officials to make sure that he understood the proper application of the rule is something that we expect, and we’re glad to see."

When he knocked in the halfcourt shot on Nov. 18, Rodriguez became the fourth person since February to win the Thunder's promotion.

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At the next Oklahoma City home game, a fifth person made the shot.

One might think Rodriguez's unfortunate situation is actually a break for the Thunder, or rather MidFirst Bank, which sponsors the promotion. But MidFirst Bank has said that if Rodriguez can't pocket the money, it will donate it in his name to charity.

Interestingly, while similar rules apply in the NCAA, that organization makes an exception for prizes from promotions where contestants are chosen at random, as Rodriguez was.

A Thunder team spokesman told Bloomberg that had they known Rodriguez was a scholarship basketball player, his eligibility issues might have prevented the team from selecting him.

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Poor Dennis Rodman.

The Hall of Famer just wants to help thaw the United States' relationship with archenemy North Korea, yet in trying to be proactive he can't help but trip over his own shoelaces. Following Rodman's trips to North Korea earlier this year, he was widely scolded by the press and politicians. He even got in on the Rodman-bashing in this comical commercial.

And now the five-time NBA champion has earned the unfortunate "honor" of being named the Least Influential Person of 2013 by GQ. He narrowly beat out Justin Bieber, Anthony Wiener and Paula Deen for the top spot.

Here's what GQ's Drew Magary had to say about Rodman's much-maligned travels:

"He was the first prominent American celebrity invited inside the nation-sized prison that is North Korea, and he did literally the least interesting thing possible with it. Sure, Kim Jong-un is a brutal dictator who starves and kills his own people. But he was pretty chill when we hung out! Dennis Rodman is a Q-list celebrity willing to commit borderline treason just to hang out with a dictator who himself aspires to be a Q-list celebrity. It's all hilarious, until you remember there are millions of people who can't leave this Kingdom of the Absurd without taking a bullet to the head."

Ouch. You've got to wonder if/how this will affect Rodman's plans to go back to North Korea in December. He's also said he'd like to work with the North Korean Olympic basketball team. Maybe he should shelve those plans for the time being.

Rodman wasn't the only athlete to Make GQ's list. He was followed by Aaron Hernandez at No. 7, Tim Tebow at No. 12, San Francisco 49ers defensive back Chris Culliver at No. 13 and Alex Rodriguez at No. 15. Lennay Kekua, Manti Te'o's fake ex-girlfriend, slipped in at No. 21.

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Adding to the New York Knicks' disaster of a season have been several puzzling front office decisions that have left fans scratching their heads.

First, the Knicks signed guard J.R. Smith's younger brother to the team's 15-man roster and shortly thereafter sent him down to the D-League. Just a few games into the season team owner James Dolan shut down the Knicks City Dancers during a loss to the Charlotte Bobcats.

And now Dolan is reportedly banning legendary comedian and longtime Knicks fan Woody Allen from the VIP lounge at Madison Square Garden because of a feud between the two men.

According to the New York Post, Allen has been banned from Suite 200, where celebrities and other big shots mingle and enjoy refreshments before and during Knicks games. The rift appears to originate in a demand by Dolan, who also owns the MSG Network.

"[Allen] got a call from someone at MSG saying they had bought the rights to air several of Woody's movies on the MSG channel and wanted Woody to go on the air and talk about his movies or introduce them," a source told the Post's Richard Johnson.

"Woody said he would not be comfortable doing that. He has never done that for any show or network. They then said that this was a 'reciprocal arrangement' and that if Woody couldn't go on TV for them, he should not eat in their VIP restaurant anymore. Woody said fine and thanked them for the many years he had enjoyed the space there."

Based on that account, it doesn't seem fair for Dolan to force Allen to do promo work to have access to the VIP lounge. Especially since Allen normally doesn't do these sort of gigs.

Knicks fans already skeptical of Dolan and upset with the team's 3-9 start probably won't take kindly to this story.

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While you may think you know everything about the sport of bowling, there's one crucial aspect of the sport with which many people are unaware.

Bowling lanes, from the ones at your local alley to those on the Professional Bowlers Association tour, are coated with oil. This allows the ball a slicker surface on which to roll. And while many bowling alleys apply the oil in a way that makes it easier to hit the pins, in the professional leagues the oil is used to challenge the bowlers.

It might be applied one way on a certain day and a completely different way the next. This affects strategy and makes it difficult for the pros to get comfortable.

While the oil is transparent and difficult to spot in person (not to mention on television), the PBA has a cool new idea that may allow fans a better understanding of the sport.

Bowling's governing body announced that it will be dying the oil blue so fans can see what sort of pattern is present on each lane. The oil was tested at the World Series earlier this month, and fans will be able to see how it looked when the championship airs on ESPN on Dec. 1.

"Throughout its history, it has been difficult to describe the challenges players face in our sport," PBA

Commissioner Tom Clark said in a statement. "How oil is applied to the lane, and how it transitions as competition progresses, is something no one is able to see with the naked eye, and those are critical variables in scoring and player strategy.

"For the first time ever, we're going to add dye to the oil so that bowling fans on site and watching at home on ESPN will literally be able to see how the pattern of oil looks on the lane. We are sure it will be educational and insightful for all levels of fans tuning in and we hope to learn from this experiment and improve it moving forward."

The blue playing surface worked for Boise State, so we can see why the PBA thought it would be a good idea.

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Channing Crowder, the former Miami Dolphins linebacker who retired at 27 but has openly discussed his interest in making a comeback, recently made an admission that won't help his case with any NFL teams.

During an interview with NFL Films, Crowder said that he peed in his pants during every game of his six-year career with the Dolphins. Rather than run to the bathroom, he'd just let it go in the huddle.

"My teammates didn't enjoy it as much as I did," Crowder said.


Here's a clip from the interview:

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TMI, Channing.

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A freshman at East Central College in Union, Mo., may be faced with an incredibly tough decision this week: Skip the national championship game or fail a class?

KTVI in Missouri brought to light the story of Hannah Leslie, a volleyball player on full scholarship at East Central. She's missed three biology classes this year because of games, and she says she's gotten an excuse note for those classes from the school's athletic director. But her biology professor has had enough. The professor told Leslie that if she misses a class while playing in the upcoming National Junior College Athletic Association volleyball tournament, she will fail the course.

"I'm just in an awkward situation," Leslie told KTVI. "I'm in the middle of it. I was really hoping we could resolve this and come to a better conclusion than this."

Leslie is on full scholarship, so it would seem she should be able to miss class for games, especially ones of this magnitude. But the school's dean has declined to step in. Instead, as the agreement stands now, the school will fly Leslie to Ohio for one game and back to East Central for class.

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Archery got a serious boost to its cool factor before the 2000 Olympics when Academy Award winner Geena Davis advanced to the semifinals of the U.S. team trials.

Now another dose of Hollywood is helping archery reach new levels of popularity, and it only figures to increase with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire set to premiere Friday.

USA Archery says its membership has increased from 4,185 in November 2011 to 8,589 in November 2013 -- a 105 percent jump. The first The Hunger Games movie opened in the spring of 2012. The movie's star, Jennifer Lawrence, was coached for archery scenes by five-time Olympian Khatuna Lorig.

"We definitely attribute much of this growth to The Hunger Games films, along with movies like Brave and The Avengers," said USA Archery CEO Denise Parker said in a statement. "Given that archery was also the most-watched sport during NBC's first week of Olympic Games coverage, we're hopeful that people who see and try the sport will find out what archery fans already know: it's an awesome sport, fun and challenging, and one that you can enjoy year-round and for the rest of your life."

Parker was a three-time Olympian and won a bronze medal.

USA Archery also cited growth in its competitions. Its national indoor and Junior Olympic Archery Development championships had an increase of 31 percent from 2012 to 2013.

As a practical example of this newfound interest in archery, consider that Girl Scouts in North Carolina are planning a function on Saturday to practice archery on the site where the first Hunger Games film was shot on location.

Owners of an indoor archery facility in Reno that opened in November 2012 told KRNV-TV that The Hunger Games is among the reasons for people's interest in their range.

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