The Seahawks might have replaced their Gatorade with some gin and juice last night, thanks to a visit from one rapper wearing a Marshawn Lynch jersey.


According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the rapper received a warm welcome from the crowd.

Here is a terrifying picture of Snoop Lion (aka Snoop Dogg) in "Beast Mode".

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Despite its seemingly innocuous appearance, one woman's penguin-covered iPhone was cause for concern at Thursday's Tampa Bay Rays game.

In the bottom of the third inning, with the Rays hosting the Los Angeles Angels, umpires stopped play because the light shining from a woman's phone was causing a distraction on the field.

Someone from the Rays' security team told the woman to turn the light off, and she did.

Unfortunately the light turned out not to be the cause of the Rays' offensive woes, as they ended up losing, 2-0.

If you missed it, this woman's shirt says "I'm too kinky to relax." Unfortunately, her kinkiness does not put her above the law at sporting events.

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Ian Poulter is probably not too happy with Keegan Bradley right now.

Howard Stern, on the other hand, must be pretty proud.

That's because Bradley, the 27-year-old from Vermont, now owns a custom made wedge with the phrase "Baba Booey" inscribed on it:

This bizarre new phrase, which fans have started shouting after players tee off, comes from the nickname for Stern's executive producer, producer Gary Dell'Abate. While some players, like Bradley and Jason Dufner, have expressed a fondness for the phrase, others -- notably Poulter -- can't stand it.

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Ever wonder if your Facebook friends are rooting for the same top 25 college football team as you? The super-smart analysts over at the social network site broke down where Facebook users across the country are leaning, just in time for the season.

The researchers found that of the teams in the top 25, UCLA, Oregon State and Northwestern don't have any counties where they are the favorite team on Facebook. Texas comes in first for the most counties, followed by Florida, then Ohio State, Nebraska and Oregon.

The state of Illinois has the most diversity of fan loyalty, the researchers found, with 10 different teams represented across 102 counties. Missouri is second most diverse with nine teams.

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The lawyer representing the man suing Scottie Pippen over an alleged fight claims the Los Angeles District Attorney is giving the ex-basketball star special treatment after it declined to file charges.

Camran Shafighi has accused Pippen of punching him at a Malibu restaurant in June, leaving him unable to work.

But on Tuesday, the Los Angeles District Attorney said there was insufficient evidence to bring criminal charges against Pippen.

"Yesterday's apparent statement of refusal by the Los Angeles District Attorney to file charges in the brutal and unjustified attack of our client – a Malibu California resident, Mr. Camran Shafighi – by former Chicago Bull Scottie Pippen– exposes a criminal justice system that all too often supports the rich and powerful at the expense of everyday citizens," Shafighi's lawyer, Lee Boyd, said in a statement emailed to ThePostGame.

Shafighi said his trouble with Pippen at the high-end restaurant Nobu began after he asked for his autograph. He claims that Pippen assaulted him outside of the restaurant and left the scene, leaving him unconscious on the ground with injuries that prevented him from working for weeks after the fight. Pippen, according to reports, told investigators he was acting in self defense and claims Shafighi had grabbed him, spat on him and called his daughter names.

In July, Shafighi filed a $4 million civil lawsuit against Pippen.

"This man yelled profanities, spit on Mr Pippen, used racial epithets and attacked his family," Pippen's lawyer, Mark Geragos, wrote in an emailed statement to ThePostGame at the time. "He should be ashamed of himself and we will expose him for the fraud that he is."

On Tuesday, the District Attorney, according to the Associated Press, also reported a physician who had examined Shafighi determined he was "making up stuff" about the injuries, which included a concussion and seizures that he claimed he suffered from the attack.

"The ambulance and hospital records confirm the gravity of the victim’s harm, which included seizure like activity, secondary trauma, unresponsiveness and altered levels of consciousness. We are aghast to learn that in the face of documented medical reports, the DA made careless statements that the victim had faked his injuries," Boyd said.

Boyd also claimed that Shafighi, a luxury car salesman, had witnesses willing to testify about the incident on his behalf.

"Unfortunately, after repeated offers to share medical records and evidence with the police, the DA did not even bother to contact Mr. Shafighi or us before coming to their unconscionable decision. Mr. Shafighi did not receive the bare minimum treatment due to a victim – the opportunity to review the incident report and have his aggressor tried for a violent attack. Mr. Shafighi was only contacted today by the DA – a day after the DA publically released its unconscionable decision not to press charges against Mr. Pippen. It is altogether unfortunately clear that the DA did not consider all the facts, and sided with Mr. Pippen – the aggressor and the culprit in this brutal attack," Boyd said.

"We have no doubt that had this vicious attack involved an everyday citizen, instead of a famous and connected individual like Mr. Pippen, that criminal charges would have been filed in this case."

Geragos, in a statement to the AP, said his client would sue Shafighi.

"This shakedown artist was drunk, screaming racial slurs, and assaulted my client and his family," Geragos said. "Scottie and his family are grateful to the sheriff for their investigation and DA for their decision to reject these unfounded charges. Scottie and his family plan on holding this man accountable for his outrageous actions."

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When it comes to unofficial honors, Arnold Palmer is doing quite well.

Not only does he have a drink named after him, now he has also given a golf lesson to a supermodel.

Kate Upton, who has appeared on the cover of the last two Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions, tweeted the below photo of herself and the golfing legend.

As it turns out, Upton and Palmer are friends. They first met earlier this year, when Upton spent time with Palmer at his golf tournament in Florida.

"He is so down to earth, so nice," Upton said about meeting 'The King.' "He is able to sit in any situation and talk with anyone. I hope to be like that. I've always wanted to meet Arnold. He's a legend in more than golf."

While in Florida, Upton visited the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies, and she made a good impression on the 83-year-old.

"She's a very astute young lady," Palmer said. "She's with it. She's interested in the hospital. She has a great grasp of what she wants to do with her career. I enjoyed talking with her about many different things. She's very sharp."

During that meeting, the two also posed for this adorable photo:

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For those N'Sync fans who can't get enough after the boy band's reunion at MTV's Video Music Awards this week, another chance to see at least one of its members is coming to a minor league park in Florida.

Chris Kirkpatrick (a.k.a. one of those ones who wasn't Justin Timberlake or Lance Bass) is appearing as the guest of honor at the Bradenton Marauders' "Salute To Boy Bands" on Thursday, according to

Kirkpatrick was booked to appear at the park before N'Sync's appearance at the VMAs, according to the announcement.

From the release:

Kirkpatrick won't be performing at McKechnie Field, but his music (and that of other prominent boy bands) will be heard throughout the ballpark. The front office will dress up in their favorite boy band styles (let's hope for some frosted tips), and the potentially well-lubricated Thirsty Thursday crowd is invited to stick around after the game for some "Boy Band Karaoke."

The singer will also throw out the first pitch before the game and will sign N'Sync memorabilia for fans.

The Marauders are an affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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We've all been in that spot: Looking for a place to go to the bathroom without having to leave the tailgate. Well, as spotted by the excellent spies at Busted Coverage, some Texans fans have found a great solution -- bringing their own Port-a-Pot.

There seems to be Port-A-Pots a few parking rows behind the tailgaters, but why walk away when you can drag your own in on a pickup truck?

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The Redskins are undefeated through three games in the preseason, and that's probably news to Washington legend Dexter Manley.

Manley, the hulking defensive end nicknamed the "Secretary of Defense," told a Washington radio station that he would be too busy to watch preseason games. What might he be doing, you ask, to occupy his time?

"I’m gonna probably be having sex with my wife," Manley said when asked what he would be doing rather than watching one of the Redskins' games.

And, according to Manley, he's not the only one having sex this preseason. When the host asked Manley about the size of players' preseason checks, he responded that they're much less than normal. But they still are put to use.

"For training camp, yeah, it’s just chump change," Manley said. "Most of [the players] probably got mistresses, and they’re giving the money out to them."

Even if Manley's words don't resonate with you, you've got to appreciate his honesty. This guy doesn't care what anyone thinks, and that's somewhat refreshing.

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Even after winning the Super Bowl in February, there's no shortage of pressure on the Baltimore Ravens.

Joe Flacco and Ray Rice are in their primes, and together with the rest of their teammates they want to show that last year's magnificent playoff run wasn't a fluke.

But an overload of tension will be the downfall of any team, and Baltimore coach Jim Harbaugh has been doing a wonderful job of helping the Ravens players take their minds off of football.

This offseason the Ravens have taken a field trip (to Gettysburg) and have gotten a private show from comedian Tracy Morgan.

In addition, Harbaugh has lightened the mood at camp with some special visitors. As has become tradition, he brought an ice cream truck to one practice and his players went absolutely wild.

And then, on Monday, Harbaugh had a group of nuns from Oblate Sisters of Providence visit practice.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever seen that,” linebacker Elvis Dumervil told the team's website. "It’s awesome. We need their prayers."

As it turns out, the nuns are huge Ravens fans. They watch Baltimore's games together and even did Ray Lewis’ “Squirrel Dance” when watching the Super Bowl. Now that would be a sight to see.

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