Even for Green Bay Packers fans, a bunch renowned for their devotion to their team, a new piece of memorabilia might be a little much.

A golf cart shaped like a Packers helmet went for sale on Craigslist recently, and it is absolutely ridiculous. A Los Angeles man created the 7-foot-tall golf cart, and over the years it has been signed by a host of Packers greats, including LeRoy Butler, Fuzzy Thurston and Jerry Kramer.

The asking price is $6,900.

"This is a real working Electric golf cart," the Craigslist post reads. "Runs well. Forward and Reverse. Charger included. Amazing detail including huge grommets on the sides."

This seems a little over the top, but there might be a Packers fan who is just crazy enough to buy this. After all, we should never underestimate a fanbase which has scored its own reality show.

For more photos of the cart, see the Craigslist ad.

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The cougars have spoken and they have made their choice clear.

The website Cougarlife.com, a dating site for older women interested in younger men (cougars) recently polled 11,000 women on the topic of most desirable MLB cub (younger man).

When the votes were tallied, New York Mets third baseman David Wright came out on top. The 30-year-old slugger beat out Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels and Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp for the top spot.

"Our recent survey showed that many of our female members enjoy watching sports, and love baseball in particular," Cougarlife.com spokesperson Marlo Jordan told the New York Daily News. "With all those virile young men rounding the bases in form fitting pants, what's not to like?"

Unfortunately for all the cougars out there, Wright is taken. Earlier this year he got engaged to model Molly Beers.

Below are the nine MLBers who Wright beat out for the top spot. Interestingly, there is one true "Cub" on this list. Chicago Cub, that is:

2. Cole Hamels
3. Matt Kemp
4. Carlos Gonzalez
5. Robinson Cano
6. Anthony Rizzo (the actual Cub)
7. Miguel Cabrera
8. Buster Posey
9. Joe Mauer
10. Bryce Harper

More MLB: One-On-One With Cal Ripken Jr.

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If it wasn't for an expired passport, Matt Brown might not have been able to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The former Temple running back and 2012 Big East special teams player of the year announced recently that he would play professionally with the Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. He was set to head to Saskatchewan this week to sign his contract and make it official when he was informed that his passport had expired.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, one day after his passport was denied at the airport, Brown was in Philadelphia getting new documents when he got a call from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As it turns out, the Bucs were interested in taking a chance on the 5-foot-5, 165 pound speedster. Because Brown had never actually signed a contract with the Roughriders, he was able to join the Bucs instead.

Some luck, huh?

The NFL average is the $750,000 range, although as an undrafted free agent, Brown's price is probably much less. But it still figures to be better than he was offered in the CFL where the average salary is less than $100,000.

Brown averaged 25 yards on kickoff returns at Temple, recording 2,068 total yards and two touchdowns. He also rushed for 2,647 career yards and 23 touchdowns on 466 carries.

(H/T to Deadspin)

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For Valentine's Day, Taesha Benson gave her boyfriend, Travis Spire-Sweet, her left kidney.

This week Spire-Sweet gave Benson his heart.

The couple's story was well documented. Spire-Sweet was born with only 25 percent of a functioning kidney, and after dealing with the repercussions of his kidney disorder for 30 years, he went on the deceased donor list. As it turns out, Benson proved to be a perfect match.

Around Valentine's Day, which is also National Donor Day, Benson donated her kidney to Spire-Sweet.

"Initially you think, ‘How could I do that? I don't have it in me,'" Benson said at the time. "But over time I got to know Travis and his love of life. Not many people come along who have his integrity, character and optimism. Travis just happens to be my boyfriend. He has provided me with a new love of life."

This week the Kansas City Royals held Organ Transplant and Donor Awareness Night, and Spire-Sweet was selected to throw out the first pitch (with Benson behind home plate).

Spire-Sweet's pitch came in just a little high, but you can't blame him if he was a little nervous. He had a proposal on his mind:


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David Ortiz, like many athletes, is doing what he can to help out the victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing, by selling off custom bats to proceed the One Fund. The bats start at $125 and go up to $500 for a custom signed bat. "I wanted to figure out a way to do something to help the victims," he wrote.

But it's perhaps more the headline of the posting on Ortiz's website that really expresses how he feels about the matter.

The Red Sox, as a team, honored the victims and the heroes of the bombing on Tuesday at Fenway when Jeff Bauman, threw the first pitch along with Carlos Arrendondo, the man who saved his life.

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With one line during an interview with ESPN in 2012, linebacker Connor Barwin instantly separated himself from a common defensive meathead to one of a beloved character of hipsters and pop culture-football crossovers all over the world: "I wrote a blog this spring reviewing a concert for the Houston Press here. Maybe I'd get into some kind of music reviewing or something like that," he told ESPN's Paul Kuharsky. "That review was Fitz and the Tantrums. It was a great blog, short. I'm not going to tell you about it, you have to read it. I just enjoy music. Houston's got an incredibly diverse musical scene -- it's another reason I'd like to stay here. I just enjoy going to shows and live music. I used to play a little guitar in college but I haven't really picked it up lately."

Houston, Barwin says now, is an underrated music town. Close to Austin, it got a lot of traffic from the big shows that came through Texas. "Just the abundance of great shows really opened music up to me at another level," he said.

That may have been one of the big appeals to staying in Houston (along with his teammates, a promising squad, and more on field things like that), but injuries and contract negotiations got in the way. He turned down the Texans' offer before the 2012 season, and after an injury-plagued year, Barwin found himself on the market this offseason and signed with the Eagles.

"Obviously you can say now from a financial standpoint that might not have been the right decision," he said, of his decision to decline the Texans' offer in 2012. "But if I could go back and do it again, I would do the same thing.

"I never expected last year to turn out the [the way it did]," he added. "It was just the way the season went with injuries that caused me to have a season like that. I would never have bet against myself."

Now in a new city, Barwin is still holding on to his hipster cred. He still keeps in touch with House of Blues manager Mohawk Steve, one of the people thanked in his farewell full-page ad he took out in a Houston paper. And he says he's checked out some top venues in Philadelphia including the Electric Factory and Union Transfer. This summer, he also ventured down to Coachella. "I didn't know much about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, so that was a good show to see," he said. "[Karen O's] very entertaining."

While he seems proud to be identified as one of the most music-savvy guys in the league, the move to Philadelphia has also helped him highlight another one of his interests outside of football: Basketball. The Eagles have their own basketball team that takes on other teams in charity events and other games. Barwin, who walked on to the University of Cincinnati basketball team, was thrilled when he discovered it. He played one of the final games with the team this offseason.

"It was really a lot of fun," he said. "I don't think any other football team could beat Eagles' basketball. B.J. Cunningham, Nick Foles, Jeremy Macklin and those [other] guys that are really good basketball players. I played in college and I bet [Macklin] and [Foles] could have as well.

"I was very excited," he added. "I couldn’t believe an NFL team was allowing that -- let alone promoting basketball."

So in the end, did it all turn out for the best for the NFL's most popular hipster? Perhaps. But as he said when first asked about how things were going in Philadelphia: "I'm loving it. It's going very well -- we've been down here six weeks and the football aspect is very good. Of course, all is good right now if you talk to anyone in the beginning (of OTAs.)"

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In case you weren't watching the season finale of “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” this weekend on E!, the gold medalist made a serious revelation: he's ready for love.

Now, we know, that might sound silly coming from Lochte. After all, it appeared that the ladies man and Olympic gold medalist was on a continual quest to find Mrs. Right. But as it turns out, Lochte may have found a new reason to open his heart. You see, the 28-year-old got dumped over the phone on his own reality show.

Apparently, Lochte had been dating 23-year-old Jamiee Hollier for four years. Hollier lives in England, so the two were in a long distance relationship. If this "relationship" sound questionable to you, you're not the only one. During the Olympics, Lochte repeatedly claimed he was single. And he even showed some interest in an appearance on ABC's "The Bachelor." Plus, if Lochte was dating Hollier, why wasn't her name mentioned when he was in London for the Olympics?

Perhaps in an act of karma, Hollier called Lochte during the taping of his reality show to tell him that she was calling it quits. Lochte, normally quite comfortable on screen, couldn't stand to have cameras follow him during the heartbreaking conversation.

Here's the sad, awkward and somewhat confusing clip from the show:

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Ryan Lochte wrapped up his first season of What Would Ryan Lochte Do? on Monday, a show that has highlighted his personal life and his less-than-intelligent at times mannerisms on national television. So what has he learned? He sums it up in this video:

No word if another season of the show is coming back, but while it was on, it seemed to elevate a side of Lochte seen outside of the pool and made him stay in the public consciousness long after the Olympics. How it will affect (or not) his swimming career is yet to be seen, but in the video he says he's hoping that he's just one step closer to the right lady.

"I don't know where she's at but I know there's one person out there for me," he said. "It could be anyone. It could be you."

As for what's next?

"I don't know what's going to be next for Ryan Lochte," he said. "But I know this, it's going to be big."

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Robert Griffin III may have a busy summer ahead of him, but it doesn't mean he's not minding his manners. In response to at least one of the many fans who showered the Redskins quarterback with gifts before his upcoming wedding, he wrote a signed thank you note, the DC Sports Bog first pointed out.

Keith Elgin, the fan who posted the note, wrote to ThePostGame that "people are loving it in DC."

"[He's] just an all around solid guy," he wrote. "We just wanted to buy them a gift to send some encouragement their way, and it turned into a really fun story!"

The note reads "Dear Keith and Emily, Thank you for your kind gift. Even as nothing was expected from you, out of the love in your hearts you sent us one anyways, and made our wedding experience even more special. Thank you!"

Griffin is set to get married to Rebecca Liddicoat on July 6, according to multiple reports. But there's still time for them to update their wish list for gifts and add a few more.

More NFL: J.J. Watt Visits Disabled Fan After Facebook Campaign Goes Viral

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Roger Federer may seem like he has it all together, but like many of us, he never has figured out how to have a good hair day all the time.

From his Reddit Ask Me Anything:

Federer also answered questions about what the one thing he would change in the rule book would be (more best-of-five set finals) and who he would most like to play doubles with ( John McEnroe, Stefan Edberg and Rod Laver.)

"From a historical perspective it would be really fun to play doubles with them as they are all legends," he said.

As for his prematch rituals, Federer says he keeps it pretty simple. The first step: "Arrive on time at the courts. Pretty crucial so I don't miss my match."

Perhaps our favorite non-tip of the Q&A came in response to a question asking for advice to emulate his between-the-legs shot.

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