The drive to change the Washington Redskins' name will take a significant step forward when D.C. Council member David Grosso introduces a resolution calling for the team to eliminate what he calls it "a derogatory, racist" moniker.

The "Redskins" name, which the franchise used while it was still based in Boston in the 1930s, has generated quite a bit of controversy recently. Behind star quarterback Robert Griffin III, the team's popularity has skyrocketed, and there has even been discussion of moving the squad from Landover, Md., to a stadium inside the District. But Mayor Vincent Gray would like the team to consider changing its name before any relocation discussion.

Grosso, an independent, says he has the support of at least two other council members for his non-binding resolution.

"It's been a long time that we’ve had this name associated with Washington," Grosso told the Washington Post, "and I think its time we take a stand and change it."

In his resolution, Grosso writes that the city's name has been dishonored by its association with the Redskins moniker:

"Because it is well known in America and in nations afar that American Indians have experienced utmost suffering and disrespect over the years," the resolution reads.

In place of Redskins, Grosso suggests the team be called the Redtails, which was the nickname for the Tuskeegee Airmen, the aviators who broke the color barrier for U.S. military pilots in World War II.

Meet The Redskins Superhero: RG3Woman

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There are lots of ways for fans to express their displeasure with their teams.

There's the tried and true protest, the "Bag Head," and even the rare animal sacrifice.

And now, fans of one European soccer team have taken their displeasure to an entirely new level. According to, the fan club for Rapid Wien grew so upset with management after a loss to rival Red Bull Salzburg over the weekend that they piled a wall of bricks in front of the team's offices.

The fans attached a photo of team manager Werner Kuhn with a caption that read, "I'm not allowed in."

As bad as things have gotten for the Miami Marlins this year, at least they haven't reached this level.

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Jason Collins' disclosure that he is gay makes this a landmark week for professional sports. Finally, an active male athlete from one of North America's major four sports has come out of the closet.

In Collins' excellent Sports Illustrated piece, he noted how impressed he was with straight players who had been so vocal in support of gay marriage. He singled out two NFL players -- Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe and free agent linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo -- who have been especially outspoken on the issue of gay athletes.

While Kluwe and Ayanbadejo have been praised profusely for their efforts by Collins and others, both players have indicated recently that their vocal campaigning may have hurt their status on their teams.

After he was released by the Baltimore Ravens this offseason, Ayanbadejo said he thought his activism played a role in the team's decision.

"I was a vocal guy and garnered a lot of attention," Ayanbadejo told Newsday a few weeks ago. "I brought a lot of issues with me to the Super Bowl and the issues came up at the Super Bowl. …My bark is louder than my bite. I make a lot of noise and garner a lot of attention for various things off the football field. When that starts happening, why do you have that player around?"

The Ravens vehemently denied that Ayanbadejo's persona beliefs were a factor in his release.

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Thanks to an error by a local newspaper, the suspension of Pirates pitcher Jonathan Sanchez led to a prank on a woman named D'Marie Sanchez.

For the record, D'Marie Sanchez and Jonathan Sanchez are not related. D'Marie is the mother of Pirates prospect Tony Sanchez. When Jonathan Sanchez was suspended six games for plunking Allen Craig, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette accidentally ran a photo of Tony.

You can imagine how Tony felt about his photo running with a story about Jonathan Sanchez.

Tony decided to send a photo of the misleading story to his mother, who promptly freaked out:

As funny as this is, you've got to feel a little bad for D'Marie Sanchez. The boneheaded decision of a Pirates pitcher, combined with the embarrassing mistake of a newspaper (and her son's interesting sense of humor), resulted in one angry mother.

Hopefully, after learning the truth, she was able to laugh about the whole ordeal.

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The only thing more outrageous than Josh Reddick's flowing hair was how much two fans paid for it after he cut it off.

During a silent auction at a recent Oakland A's game, two friends split the $40 price for the quaff of hair. In their defense, they said they didn't mean to bid on the hair, but someone misread the form.

Later in the game, hair in hand, the fans caught a home run from outfielder Seth Smith. The long ball was part of a five-run seventh inning in which the A's overtook the lead from the Baltimore Orioles. So the bag of locks quickly became "rally hair."

Perhaps the only redeeming fact from this story is that the money the fans paid for the hair will be donated to the A's Community Fund and other local charities.

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Who says Jay Cutler doesn't have a sense of humor?

The Chicago Bears quarterback, sometimes maligned for his grumpy attitude, showed a softer side with a costume he sported for his 30th birthday party.

Cutler's fiancee, Kristin Cavallari, tweeted a photo of the two before Cutler's birthday party over the weekend. The party had an 80s theme, so there is no shortage of neon and long hair. But Cutler added an extra, important detail: a flimsy cigarette hanging out of the side of his mouth. The prop is a reference to the extremely popular "Smokin' Jay Cutler" meme, in which the quarterback has a cigarette dangling from his lips.

When the "Smokin' Jay Cutler" photos went viral, Cutler said he "got a kick out of the meme."

But not to worry, Bears fans. Cutler, who turns 30 on April 29, has not actually picked up the bad habit.

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How do you produce a motorcycle that wouldn't look out of place in a movie about a post-apocalyptic earth?

That was the problem facing director Joseph Kosinski as he prepared for the Tom Cruise thriller Oblivion.

Luckily for moviegoers across the country, Kosinski was able to score one of the most respected motorcycle men in Hollywood to lend him a hand. Justin Kell, owner of Glory Motor Works, has built motorcycles for several high profile movies, including Gangster Squad and G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

For Oblivion, which is set in the year 2077, Kell transformed a dirt bike into a futuristic motorcycle.

"The bike stuff we got to do was fun," Kell told the Los Angeles Times. "We don't get called in when a bike has to sit on a static set and look cool. We get called in when it has to jump 50 feet on top of a volcano in Iceland. Tom [Cruise] is an experienced enough rider and good enough that he knows exactly what he wants."

But there was more to the production than simply creating a cool-looking bike.

"It's not just the look of it," Cruise said recently, "it had to be safe enough for me to travel at very high speeds."

Cruise and Kosinski loved the final product, and it truly fits in in the movie. But Cruise won't have to wait until 2077 to ride it again. For his 50th birthday, which fell during filming in Iceland, he was presented with one of the bikes from the film.

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It hasn't taken Jay-Z long to make his presence felt in the sports world.

After the rap mogul announced the creation of his new sports agency, Roc Nation, and signed New York Yankees infielder Robinson Cano, some people doubted whether Jay-Z could have a significant impact across different sports. And while the Roc Nation venture is still young, all signs indicate that it's going pretty well for Jay-Z.

On Thursday former Notre Dame star and the third overall pick in the recent WNBA Draft Skylar Diggins announced that she had signed with Roc Nation. Diggins is coming off an extremely successful career in South Bend, finishing her career as the school's all-time leading scorer and leading the Fighting Irish to the Final Four in three consecutive seasons.

While it has been hard for some WNBA players to prove their marketability, if anyone can break through to mainstream America, it's Diggins. The guard has proven extremely popular on Twitter, with more than 370,000 followers.

Diggins' announcement comes amidst reports that Jay-Z is pursuing hockey phenom Seth Jones. Diggins and Jones figure to be the faces of their respective leagues for years to come, and scoring both of them could be a huge coup for Roc Nation.

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It's not often these days that NFL players show love for Roger Goodell.

While there are certainly players who respect the commissioner, recent polls show that nearly two-thirds of all players disapprove of the job the commissioner has done.

So it will certainly be nice for Goodell to get off on the right foot with the league's newest stars on Thursday.

While NFL and NBA players used to exchange a cold and sometimes awkward handshake with the commissioner after their name was called, three years ago Gerald McCoy broke with tradition and brought Goodell in for a huge hug.

McCoy told the New York Times he wasn't sure how he wanted to react when his name was called, and he remembers asking the commissioner before the draft if there would be any penalty for showing too much emotion.

“If somebody does something out of the blue because they’re overwhelmed with excitement," McCoy asked Goodell, “do we get fined for that? Or penalized?”

The commissioner promised McCoy he would not get in trouble for celebrating. The commissioner's assurance got the 6-foot-4, 300-pound McCoy thinking about just how to react. McCoy thought of his mother, Patricia, who had passed away three years ago from complications of a brain aneurysm. Patricia was a "huge hugger," and when McCoy walked out on stage after Goodell called his name, he unintentionally channeled his mother. McCoy had promised himself that he wouldn't stage his reaction, he wanted it to be natural. And what happened was both beautiful and trend-setting.

Arms spread wide, McCoy engulfed Goodell and held on tight. He said he could even hear Goodell making a grunting noise.

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This year's NFL draft is serving double duty.

The first, and most important, purpose for Thursday's event at Radio City Music Hall is for NFL teams to select college players and build towards their future.

But don't be surprised if you see a few extra cameras. That's because production of the upcoming movie Draft Day, starring Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner, is set to begin at Radio City Music Hall. The film, in which Costner plays the GM of the Cleveland Browns, depicts the difficult personal and professional decisions that an NFL executive must make during a 24-hour period of the NFL Draft.

The film will feature a host of football players and on-air personalities, including Jon Gruden, Mike Mayock, Deion Sanders, Rich Eisen, Mel Kiper and Chris Berman. Several of the players, like free agent wide receiver Ramses Barden and New England Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko, participated in the NFL's second annual Pro Hollywood Boot Camp. NFL defensive end-turned-actor Terry Crews will also play a role in the movie.

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster -- who made a cameo in an episode of Hawai'i Five-0 -- will play a prominent role in the movie.

The movie, directed by Ivan Reitman (who produced Space Jam), will also feature '42' star Chadwick Boseman and rap mogul Sean Combs.

After Thursday, production will move to Cleveland for on-location shooting.

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