Dale Earnhardt, Jr. lives in the fast lane, but he's taking it slow with his new girlfriend.

Don't get him wrong -- Junior is very happy with Amy Reimann. She's getting used to being the better half of the most beloved driver on the planet. "It's been pretty smooth, man," he told USA Today in an exclusive interview. "Everybody has been nice. If you read the Internet a lot, you can read a lot of bad stuff on there. About anybody. But she's not really into that, so she doesn't really know."

Reimann was a regular at the track last season. "She went to tons of races. She just doesn't like to go to (driver) introductions and those kinds of things," Earnhardt Jr. said. "She doesn't have to be there, doesn't need to be there. She likes hanging out in the bus with me and just being there with me. When the race is going, she is kind of interested in watching the pit stops and what goes on in the pits, so she'll go up and stand behind the pits and watch a little bit of that and see some of the race, but she doesn't really get into the rest. She's not really the look-at-me type."

Sounds like Dale, Jr.'s new girl is a lot like him -- laid back. And that's a good thing, as Junior insists "weddings ain't my thing." He was referring to spotter T.J. Majors' nuptials, which he and Amy attended in Key West. But asked if he has any wedding plans of his own, Junior said, "Nope, no plans."

At least Junior is going full throttle on his favorite video game.

"I played about 200 hours of Battlefield 3 on my PC. That's on the PC! Make sure you say that, because people will be like, "Xbox! He's on Xbox!" I'm not! I'm on the PC."

Battlefield 3 is a first-person shooter video game released by Electronic Arts last October.

Earnhardt Jr. told USA Today his life is pretty simple when not racing, although he has changed up his routine somewhat.

"So I'm going out to eat, when I used to never come out of the house. I'd play video games all day long and never leave the house. Now I'm going out to eat. And that's about it."

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Manny Pacquiao might get his chance to knock out Floyd Mayweather, but apparently religious leaders in the Philippines would rather him go toe-to-toe with Tim Tebow.

"Tim Tebow became very popular by promoting the word of God," Bishop Pablo Virgilio David, who presides over the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines' (CBCP) bible ministry, told Agence France-Presse. "Some have referred to Manny Pacquiao as the Tim Tebow of the Philippines."

Church leaders asked Pacquiao become a "Bible ambassador" to help promote reading of the Bible of among Catholics. The boxing superstar regularly credits God for helping him succeed, and wears a rosary around his neck before and after his fights, according to the AFP.

In mid-January, Pacquiao told a TV station in the Philippines that he decided to renew his faith and had given up vices such as gambling and womanizing following an "encounter with God" during a dream.

AFP reports that during the dream, Pacquiao found himself deep inside a forest, where a voice from a shining bright light asked Pacquiao why he was going away from Him.

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Michael Vick failed miserably to lead the Philadelphia Eagles into February, but he's hoping to have better luck at landing himself a seat at the Super Bowl of fashion.

The controversial NFL star is working hard to land a front row seat at New York's legendary Fashion Week, according to the New York Post. Vick's publicist has been snooping around to get the Eagles quarterback an invite to the event that shapes the prevailing taste in style.

Vick spent 548 days at Leavenworth federal prison in Kansas for his role in a dogfighting ring. During his prison sentence, Vick's now-fiancee, Kljafa Frink, moved to Leavenworth to be closer to Vick.

While the NFL reinstated him, the Post reports Vick has struggled so far to find a front-row invite to Fashion Week. New York hosts the event twice a year, which allows fashion designers to show off their latest collections in runway shows.

An insider from the event told the paper that people were "curious" to see "who will have him."

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Kids do the darndest things -- just ask NBA star Carlos Boozer.

He might play for the Chicago Bulls, but that doesn't mean his kids don't like the arch rival Miami Heat.

During Sunday's rematch of the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals, ABC cameras caught Boozer's sons cheering for their old man's opponent. The TV shot panned Boozer's family in the crowd, where his sons were clearly seen rooting for LeBron James' team while an embarrassed mom was spotted laughing.

CBS Sports reported the kids got caught up in the moment, joining South Florida fans chanting "Let's Go Heat" during the fourth quarter of a back and forth game that was eventually won by the Heat, 97-93.

Boozer had just 10 points and nine rebounds for the Bulls in the loss.

"If I'm pops and I'm watching this film, if my kid is yelling, 'Let's go Heat' like we just saw, I've got a problem," said broadcaster and former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy during the telecast, according to FoxSports.com. "You can't go against pop's team ... we would have a long talk."

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The Dallas Cowboys have had trouble even looking like football players the past few years, and now we'll see if a bunch of singers can tackle.

Jerry Jones' beloved NFL franchise is handing over the keys to his 100,000-seat pigskin palace to members of the Dallas Opera.

Cowboys Stadium will become the first football venue in North Texas to play host to an opera, according to Pegasus News. Mozart's legendary opera "The Magic Flute" will be performed this April on the same field Tony Romo throws interceptions.

Only about 7,500 stadium seats will be made available for fans of the arts, but those in attendance will be able to view The Magic Flute simulcast on the world's largest center-hung video board. Everything's bigger in the Republic of Texas, and Cowboys Diamond Vision stretches from 20-yard line to 20-yard line and would take 4,920 52-inch flat panel TVs to equal in size. The video board will show subtitles with The Magic Flute, which is performed in German.

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The London Olympics are so popular, even Hollywood stars are having trouble scoring tickets. George Clooney is striking out in his efforts to land tickets to this summer's big sporting event.

Unlike average Joe's, Clooney can afford to spend whatever it takes to witness the Olympics, but that might not be enough. "Track and field is something that I really want to come back and see. I'm trying to see if I can get some tickets," Clooney told the Sun of London. "I'm a big fan of London. There are only a handful of great cities in the world and it's one of them. There are some cities that are made for the world, not just the country they are in and London is definitely one of them."

Clooney also told the paper he's not looking forward to the Academy Awards, despite being the favorite to win the best actor Oscar for his work on "The Descendants." When asked about attending the Hollywood gala, Clooney didn't seem all that excited, saying he's really "looking forward to a nice slow dinner with my girlfriend."

In case you're having trouble keeping track of the actor's love life, Clooney is currently dating Stacy Keibler, a former WWE Diva known for her unusually long legs.

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It's not brain surgery, it's just basketball.

A new study concludes that a typical NBA team could add as many as 10 wins per season if they shoot the ball sooner in the 24 seconds allowed by the shot clock.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota broke down data from close to 5,000 NBA games over four different seasons, and they determined that teams that shot the ball earlier during the 24-second shot clock had much more success. The percentage of made baskets went down by nearly 10 percent as the shot clock wound down, according to the Toronto Star.

Brian Skinner, a theoretical physicist and lead author of the U of Minnesota study, says the numbers should encourage more aggressive offense.

"I am of the opinion after finishing this study that NBA players really are overly hesitant to shoot the ball in the early periods of the (24-second) shot clock," Skinner said. "The later players took the shot, the worse the shot was. And I interpret it as overconfidence in the sense that, if they see a pretty good early shot, they tend to assume ‘well, I bet I can get a better one.'…They end up waiting until the last second and end up basically taking what they can get,” says Skinner. "They feel that if I just keep at it I’m going to get that perfect shot that I know I’m going to make."

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NBA, Study

When you think of former NFL players getting reality shows, Terrell Owens and Deion Sanders come to mind, but not the guy who was Tim Tebow before Tim Tebow.

Kurt Warner, who led the Rams and Cardinals into the Super Bowl, will soon be entering the world of reality television. The retired quarterback will host a program that sounds a lot like a real-life version of "Fantasy Island."

Warner will headline the USA Network's "Moment," which will premiere later this year. The Hollywood Reporter says the series showcases Warner giving people, secretly selected by family and friends, a second chance at lost career dreams. Warner was working at an Iowa grocery store before becoming Super Bowl MVP 18 months later.

Dreams jobs featured on the show will include deep sea fishing, race car driving and orchestral conduction. Warner will have reality show participants choose if they want to accept their dream gig as their day job or return to there old life.

It's a show about second chances for people whose lives got in the way of their dreams.

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The Patriots fan who scooped up the football from the missed field goal by Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff to send New England on to the Super Bowl is offering the historic ball back for a steep price.

Terry Oder, a physician from Hartford, will reluctantly hand over the pigskin he grabbed in the stands at Gillette Stadium if his fellow Pats fans help raise $50,000 for a scholarship fund in memory of a friend who recently died before the big game in Indianapolis.

The Hartford Courant reports Oder took some pals to the AFC title game to have some fun following weeks of mourning the death of a friend, who surprisingly died from a heart infection. The money would be used to fund the education for his late friend's 1-year-old son.

Despite only having the ball in his arm for a few days, Oder has created a bond with it.

"I would be sad to see it go," Oder told the newspaper, referring to the ball. "But if I can raise $50,000 for this kid's education, it would be worth it."

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Everyone loves a long shot, and this guy could be the longest of them all -- or he's a fast-talking trickster who pulled one over on the Los Angeles media.

You decide.

Although guys like Mark Cuban, Magic Johnson and Larry King have all publicly expressed interest in buying the Dodgers, it's a 36-year-old regular guy who's creating the most social media buzz and controversy in his efforts to get ownership of the iconic franchise that Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax made famous.

Joshua Macciello is hoping to become the youngest owner in Major League Baseball history. As CEO of Armital Sports and Entertainment, Macciello is in charge of the company that brings in billions of dollars, according to KCAL 9.

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