You might remember hearing about the "Play Tebow" billboard that appeared in Denver back in September. Now you'll hear the rest of the story.

Jeff Darlington of NFL Network reports that four days after the billboard went up, Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow was fined by teammates including Kyle Orton for not publicly scolding the sign-makers.

The fines mounted for six days until Broncos coach John Fox replaced Orton with Tebow as the starter, and the sign came down.

The fine was never paid. And now Orton returns to the scene of the crime on Sunday to face Tebow as Chiefs quarterback.

So who put up the billboard?

Tariq, Ali, and Mohammad Suleimans, three Muslim brothers from Denver, are responsible. Tebow, as most fans know, is a devout Christian who prays so visibly during games that his kneeling worship -- "Tebowing" -- has become a national craze.

Mohammad Suleiman, 26, became aware of failed efforts to raise funds to put up a billboard supporting Tebow's increased role. Unlike other Broncos fans, Mohammad had the connections to make it happen.

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Another American professional sporting event has been marred by boorish fan behavior. And this time the victim is a teenage girl who has already been through a great deal of anguish.

Maggie Herger, 16, wore her Vancouver Canucks shirt to Wednesday's game in San Jose against the Sharks, four years after being treated for a brain tumor. The San Jose Mercury News reports the native of Canada was heckled throughout the game by Bay Area fans before she was finally hit in the head by an older woman.

It's unknown whether the contact was intended, but Herger told the Mercury News things got even worse: As she was being loaded by paramedics into an ambulance, another Sharks fan spotted her Canucks jersey and shouted at her to "Suck it up."

"I just wanted to cry," Maggie told the paper after being released from the hospital. "Who does that?"

Police are investigating the teen's claims. On Thursday, the Sharks released a statement:

"Arena staff, along with San Jose police, interviewed the person who made contact with the injured fan, who stated that the contact was accidental during the celebration of a Sharks goal. Upon being interviewed, others seated in the area of the incident did not report seeing the contact between the parties involved."

Herger's loyalty to the Canucks stems in part from the team's efforts to help her recover from treatment of a benign brain tumor when she was 12. Some of the Canucks players visited Herger in the hospital to help her feel better. The high school junior and her sister, Maya, 18, attended Wednesday's game with tickets that her sister received as a Christmas gift.

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Looks like Alex Rodriguez has been spending lots of quality time with a former WWE diva and Playboy centerfold. The New York Daily News reports the Yankees star was spotted with Torrie Wilson for the third time in the month of December, over Christmas weekend.

A-Rod apparently is quite fond of the blonde bombshell, so much so that he ditched the warm weather and beautiful beaches of his home in South Florida to fly to Wilson's hometown of Boise, Idaho. The pair was recently observed working out at the same Boise gym and leaving together in a pickup truck.

Randy Simon was on the treadmill at Axiom Fitness when he realized Rodriguez was next to him in the gym. "I thought to myself, 'That’s not Alex Rodriguez. Why would he be in Boise?'" he told the Idaho Statesman. "Then I saw some people come up and shake his hand."

A local TV personality named Mike Murad told the Daily News he caught a glimpse of the couple at that gym. He asked A-Rod for a photo, but the slugger politely declined. The Yanks star said he was "trying to keep a low profile."

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Hockey's always been a low-profile sport, but its greatest icon is turning into a tabloid star to rival Bruce Jenner.

Wayne Gretzky's daughter, Paulina, has struck the gossip hornet's nest yet again, posting an outtake from the family Christmas card. The image was (supposedly) intended for 100 close family and friends, and not for public consumption. But maybe the Great One's daughter doesn't consider her 73,000 Twitter followers members of the general population. She's deleted the photograph, but just like the Great One in his "office" behind the net, there's no stopping the inevitable.

In the portrait, Wayne's wife, Janet, is proudly smiling, but the rest of the Gretzky family is striking a tough-guy pose. Paulina is wearing a lacy, white mini-dress. Some are comparing the Great One's family to the attention-hungry Kardashians. What do you think?

Lisa Crowell, designer of the Gretzky holiday card, told the Toronto Star she was surprised to receive an e mail from reporter Stephanie Findlay about the photo. "Nobody knew that Paulina was going to tweet it and here we are," Crowell told the Canadian paper.

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Just in case you didn't think Cam Newton was a big deal outside the NFL, two of the NBA's biggest superstars just gave him the ultimate salute. Dwyane Wade paid tribute to one of the rising NFL stars after hitting the key basket in the Heat's win Tuesday night at Charlotte.

Wade drove to the left side of the basket and knocked down a baby jumper with 2.9 seconds left to put the finishing touches on the Bobcats, 96-95.

After the heroics, Wade walked over to Newton, seated courtside, and celebrated with the Panthers star's signature Superman gesture.

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Kobe Bryant is not a doctor, but he decided he knows enough that he can play one for struggling Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez.

Upon Bryant's advice, A-Rod went to Germany for an experimental treatment called Orthokine on his right knee, the New York Post reported.

The Post reports Rodriguez had blood taken out of his arm and placed in a specially designed spin machine before being placed back into his body.

Kobe had similar procedures done on his right knee last summer and his left ankle this past October. The Lakers star is apparently a huge believer in the procedure, having given A-Rod his support to go-ahead with it. Bryant has played in the first three games of the NBA season, just a few weeks after undergoing the surgery on his ankle.

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Television executives have proven over the years they'll put just about anyone on the air if it means ratings, but will Oprah really give an alleged child molester a seat on her couch?

An attorney for former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky and his wife, Dottie, are contemplating a TV interview to discuss the case against them in January. Lawyer Joe Amendola says the couple will speak to either Oprah Winfrey, CBS' "60 Minutes," NBC's "Rock Center" or Barbara Walters at ABC.

Oprah landing an exclusive Sandusky interview would be a huge win for fledgling OWN. The Oprah Winfrey Network (It's formal name), a joint venture with Discovery Communications, is bleeding money according recent reports.

Since the queen of daytime talk stepped away from her syndicated show, Oprah's magazine, website and TV network have all struggled, the Hollywood Reporter reports.

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Even in defeat, Tim Tebow creates controversy -- this time in Tinseltown.

HBO's Bill Maher created a firestorm over the Christmas weekend with a scathing reaction to Tebow's subpar performance in Buffalo. Shortly after Tebow threw four interceptions in the Broncos' lopsided defeat to the Bills, Maher turned to his Twitter page to poke fun at the very religious NFL star. (And a warning: Maher's tweet includes harsh language and divisive references.)

"Wow, Jesus just [screwed] #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere ... Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler "Hey, Buffalo’s killing them," Maher tweeted.

Maher, a proud atheist who supports legalizing pot, same-sex marriage and is a board member for PETA, upset a number of conservatives, according to Entertainment Weekly. Eric Bolling of Fox News responded to Maher by calling him "disgusting vile trash," among other things.

Tebow didn't bother responding to Maher, but plenty of his fans did. Some called for a mass cancellation of HBO subscriptions over the offensive tweet. "Real Time with Bill Maher," is scheduled to return to the premium cable channel on January 13, 2012.

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The same decision-making skills that have the 49ers playing their best football in more than a decade are also invaluable on the real home field.

Jim Harbaugh coached San Francisco to a dramatic 19-17 win over the Seahawks in Seattle on Saturday, then took up dad duties on Christmas Day. The leading candidate for NFL coach of the year spent Sunday with four of his children, soaking in all the joy as his three daughters and one of his sons opened their presents.

Jim and his wife, Sarah, have two daughters together -- Addison and Katherine. Jim also has three children: Jay, James Jr. and Grace.

Following a walk with Sarah around the Stanford campus, Harbaugh went to work: "Put together some play sets. A princess play set," Harbaugh told reporters. "Took some time. My wife was happy. Got on the floor, played some puzzles with my daughter and changed a few diapers."

Changing diapers will always get get you points with the other half, but it was Harbaugh's next move that really showed what separates him from the rest of NFL coaches this year.

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Hell hath no fury like a golfer's childhood sweetheart scorned. Exhibit A, according to the Daily Mirror in the U.K., is Holly Sweeney. She doesn't want to even hear the name of ex-boyfriend Rory McIlroy this holiday season, so she has outlawed her best friends from bringing up the 2011 U.S. Open winner's name over the Christmas season. She's so determined to not hear anyone speak about her ex-boyfriend, she's promised not to fraternize in the couples native town (Hollywood) in Northern Ireland.

After he tanked on the back-nine at the Masters, McIlroy decided to whack longtime manager Chubby Chandler and dump Sweeney, his childhood sweetheart this summer.

Breaking up can be hard to do, but apparently its much harder for the 21-year-old Sweeney, who had dated McIlroy since the tender age of 15.

McIlroy didn't spend much time on the relationship sidelines, though. The 22-year-old golf star almost immediately started going out with Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki. (For more on "Wozzilroy," read Martin Rogers' story on the power couple.)

Sweeney has forbidden McIlroy from sending her gifts -- even a greeting card is off limits. She even had a friend deliver special treats to her dogs at a home she had shared with her former boyfriend, according to the Daily Mirror.

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