How will Touchdown Jesus look on a JumboTron? Perish the thought, some Notre Dame traditionalists say. But head coach Brian Kelly is all for it.

At a cost of $750,000, Notre Dame coaching legend Knute Rockne helped design the original Notre Dame Stadium in 1930; now Brian Kelly wants to give the football museum a makeover.

And so a heated debate is underway in South Bend, Ind. which could end more than 80 years of tradition for the Fighting Irish.

While Notre Dame struggles to be relevant again on the field, Kelly is aggressively pushing school leaders to add a JumboTron to the beloved football palace.

"I don't think it's a mystery that we'd like that," Kelly told the South Bend Tribune of the huge scoreboard, "but, it's not going to be my call. They know how I feel. I don't want to beat a dead horse with it either, but I think it's pretty clear we want to create a great atmosphere."

That's not the only controversial change Kelly wants. The coach would like Notre Dame to dump its thick natural grass in favor of synthetic turf. Kelly told the Chicago Tribune he wants to improve the outdated game day experience in South Bend as soon as 2012. "I hope so," Kelly said.

Despite an only-decent 12-8 record in two years on the job, Kelly's influence will go along way to convince the 169 year-old private Catholic school of higher learning to embark on a new course.

With a few renovations along the way, Notre Dame Stadium has been the home to all the big moments in Fighting Irish history over the past 81 seasons. Rockne was only able to coach in the stadium during its initial season of use. The old coach demanded that the stadium be used for football only, and he made sure the area between the field and the sidelines was small to discourage having too many sideline guests.

Notre Dame (4-3), plays Navy this weekend in South Bend. The Fighting Irish are ranked 29th in total offense (438.86) while the defense is 58th in the nation (373.71).

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Apparently that Suck For Luck campaign is taking off in South Florida.

As fans of lousy NFL teams around the country attempt to position themselves to be as terrible as possible for a shot at Stanford QB Andrew Luck with the No. 1 pick in April's NFL Draft, things are getting odd in Miami.

Coach Tony Sparano has placed his South Florida home on the market, leading to the obvious conclusion that he's going to be whacked like a character from that old HBO drama he's so often confused with.

Sparano tells the Miami Herald his real estate decision is more about location, location, location than the doom and gloom of his job status. The Dolphins coach says he's really just looking to be closer to the water. But that seems about credible as going for it on 4th and 16 just to draw the defense offsides.

"When I moved into my house, I had seven people," the coach told the Herald. "My daughter just moved out two weeks ago to go to college in Texas. I have zero people, nobody upstairs. And where do I love to be? Besides here? The beach. We are empty-nesters, as we speak."

Miami sports radio station 790 The Ticket's Jorge Sedano reported Sparano wants $1.4999 million for his Davie, Fla. mansion. The home is located in an affluent neighborhood, featuring five bedrooms, a gourmet kitchen, a state of the art theatre room, a lakefront pool and a built-in generator. What more could a troubled NFL coach want?

While the Dolphins are floundering, Sparano is probably best known for his trademark sunglasses on the sidelines. As a teenager working at a restaurant in Connecticut, hot grease splashed into his eyes, and he lost his vision from the accident for two weeks. All these years later, his eyes are still extremely sensitive to light. So that's why you see the Dolphins coach wearing sunglasses indoors or even at night. The New York Times reported that the he works in the dark; the lights are almost always off in his office.

Sparano, the only NFL head to coach to lead a one-win team to the playoffs the following season, has a 25-29 career record with the Fins.

With an 0-6 record this season, the Dolphins need to swim into some holy water for Sparano to keep his gig.

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There are many ways to get ready for a fight; buying a $225,000 sports car isn't something most would have at the top of their checklist.

In a move rival Floyd "Money" Mayweather would be proud of, Manny Pacquiao turned heads with his recent purchase of a Ferrari 458 Italia. Pacman has been cruising around Hollywood for training sessions at the Wild Card Gym in the 570-horsepower, 4.5 liter, V8 Italian dream car.

Pacquiao has been living large over the years. Digital Journal reports the eight-division boxing king has a fleet of sweet rides, including a Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Lincoln Navigator and Escalade. Pacman is a true big shot.

How does he pay for it all? Well, reports Manny is due more than $20 million from his scheduled November 12 bout at MGM Grand Garden Arena with Juan Manuel Marquez.

Pacquiao says he's offended by Marquez's claim that he won the previous two skirmishes. "That's why I train hard, because I want to end this, all the doubts. This is our last fight," Manny told the Associated Press.

Freddie Roach predicts Pacman will end the fight before the sixth round.

Whatever takes place in the ring, its a safe bet that Pacquiao is the only Filipino Congressman well-heeled enough to purchase an automobile like this.

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It's a story that could bring you to tears: A teenager with Down Syndrome scored his first career touchdown.

Patrick Myshrall, 17, signed up for St. Peter-Marian High's football team without letting his parents know. Despite his health condition, Myshrall showed great pride in being part of the Boston-area varsity team. That pride was on display last Friday in front of a packed crowd of 1,500 fans -- including his family.

WHDH-TV Boston reports Tom Henrickson, coach of St. Peter-Marian, made a secret deal with opposing coach Sean Mulcahy of Doherty High: If the game was a blowout either way, Myshrall would get into a game with the shot of scoring.

With 1:30 left in the game and St. Peter-Marian ahead 33-6, both teams called timeout and Myshrall entered

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the game. A running play was called and the young man sprinted untouched into the end zone.

Coach Hendrickson told WHDH that "there wasn't a dry eye in the whole St. Peter's section."

Down Syndrome occurs in one in every 691 live births. There are more than 400,000 people living with Down syndrome in the United States, according to the National Association for Down Syndrome.

"Every coach will preach, 'We're a family, we're a family,'" said Henrickson. "Patrick makes that happen."

Former Red Sox catcher Rich Gedman, ex-Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi and comedian Denis Leary lead a pretty impressive list of notable St. Peter-Marian alumni.

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Most people don't look to football coaches for style tips ... but maybe they should.

Coach Al Golden has University of Miami fans flashing back to a bygone time when sports enthusiasts actually dressed up to attend games. The Hurricanes have been pretty average on the field, but at least their coach has dressed for success. Golden is one of a handful of coaches in big-time college football who wears a tie on the sidelines.

In a surprising development, the Miami coach's wardrobe style has become the prevailing taste for a number of Hurricanes fans. The Miami Herald reports Golden thinks "it's great" that the fans are imitating his appearance.

Golden, 42, says his style expression comes from a life lesson served up by his mother. "It comes down to my mom," he told the Herald. "In her mind, the game is different. You honor the game. Game day is different than practice. Don't look like you do in practice, and the team will follow suit. Honor the game."

Golden said he listened to his mom, and the results were immediate.

"That was the year we won nine in a row," Golden said. "That was the most wins in a row in the history of Temple. Hopefully, we will continue to wear the same tie. That is more important than wearing a tie, that you wear the same tie."

Winning hasn't been a regular pattern for the Canes this season, however. They have a 4-3 record heading into Thursday night's home game against Virginia. Miami is ranked 61st in total defense and 81st in total offense.

Despite the sweltering weather in South Florida early in the season, Golden tells the Herald he's keeping the tie on during those hot days.

The Canes football coach compared himself to actor Robert Hays' role in the iconic 1980 Hollywood comedy "Airplane!" on a recent sultry afternoon against Kansas State. "I felt like Ted Striker trying to land a jet," he joked. "Other than that, I was good."

For those that have forgotten or never saw Airplane, this is the famous Ted Striker scene...

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Golden broke down the game against Virginia while wearing a regular coach's shirt. He must read

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The Chicago Cubs, who haven't won the World Series since 1908, just gave whiz kid GM Theo Epstein a boatload of cash to end the drought. But they could have saved a few bucks by hiring a pig farmer.

There are 13 million people who put together a team by playing fantasy baseball, but none of them can bring home the bacon like Lindy Hinkelman.

It might sound like bunk, but the 59-year-old pig farmer from Idaho is the greatest fantasy baseball player in the country. Hinkelman has earned more than $300,000 by winning several fantasy hardball contests over the past three years.

It's stunning to think that while the average income for a worker in the United States is $46,300, Hinkelman's earned over six times that figure in the past three years.

The New York Times reports Hinkelman paid the $1,400 entry fee to beat out 390 players this year, winning the $100,000 National Fantasy Baseball Championship for the second time in three years. He bucked the 0.2 percent odds of winning to take home the big check. It might seem like a far-fetched story, but Hinkelman, a world-class fantasy geek, says spending time with swine has helped give him an advantage over computer nerds and Wall Street bigwigs.

"Raising pigs and this baseball thing really go together," he told the Times. "There are certain things in farming -- keeping track of productivity, indexes for your sows, the genetic lines there. To do well, you've got to be pretty proficient in numbers. Math has always been my strong suit. I can see things with the numbers. That's just my theory. I have no proof."

Nobody has won more prize money playing fantasy baseball than Hinkelman, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

You'd think after a 106-loss season, the Houston Astros would send a private plane to unincorporated

Lindy Hinkelman says he became a Dodgers fan because of Vin Scully

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Greencreek, Idaho to offer the pig farmer a front office job. But this common man says he's not looking to join the big leagues.

"These guys working in front offices know so much more about this than I would ever dream of," he said. "These guys grew up in the game. I have no ambitions of doing that."

Hinkelman has earned more from fantasy baseball than his day job over the past three years. He has close to 500 pigs on his farm, which he sells to youth programs in April and May. During the heart of the summer, the pig farmer spends four to six hours a day watching Major League Baseball on DirecTV. Hinkelman, with four grown children, has a wife who's not a baseball fan.

Despite his insane fantasy skills, Hinkelman, a Dodgers fan, didn't play baseball growing up. The pig farmer says "none of the farm kids played baseball." He was a bench warming basketball player at the University of Idaho, now playing softball and bowling a few times a week.

Hinkelman used a version of Moneyball to pick his roster this season. He volunteered to draft 14th in his 15-team league, while looking for players who would bounce back in 2011. He picked Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp, Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson and Tigers ace Justin Verlander. All three players had career years.

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More than a few pundits have condemned miscreants in pro football, but the truth hurts their argument: NFL players are actually incarcerated less than the average citizen.

The numbers don't lie. One in every 45 National Football League players (2.2 percent) is arrested. The national arrest rate is 1 in 23 (4.2 percent), according to the FBI in 2010.

What does that mean? Technically, NFL players get in 47.6 percent less trouble than your average Joe.

When Mike the butcher gets a DUI, it's not news. But when Steve the cornerback gets busted for public intoxication, it becomes a story.

WCCO Minnesota's Jason DeRusha reports that in 2010, the NBA had by far the highest arrest rate (5.1 percent) of the major professional sports leagues in America. Major League Baseball is second with an arrest rate of 2.1 percent last year. Believe it or not, the NFL is last with (2.0 percent) of its players in trouble.

Each NBA team can have a maximum of 15 players on its roster, with 12 dressing for each game. With 30 teams, that equates to 450 players. Only 23 were arrested in 2010.

NFL teams are allowed 53 players on their rosters (plus five man practice squad). With 32 teams, that calculates to a total of 1,696 players. The League saw only 34 players arrested a year ago.

In Major League Baseball, there are 750 players -- 30 teams with 25 players each. That doesn't include the 40-man roster, which if included, would up the total players to 1,200. Sixteen baseball players were arrested for major drug and violent crimes in 2010.

Within the NFL, Minnesota Vikings players are actually 66 percent more likely to be arrested than players on an average NFL team.

WCCO Minnesota took a look at the pattern of National Football League players getting into trouble after Vikes

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cornerback Chris Cook was arrested over the weekend for felony domestic assault. Cook's transgressions gave the Vikings the NFL lead with 36 players arrested since 2000.

The perception is that the Cincinnati Bengals are the problem children of the criminal justice system, but the "Bungles" are now second with 35 arrests, while the Denver Broncos take home the unwanted bronze medal with 32 arrests. (This is according to the NFL arrest database maintained by the San Diego Union-Tribune over of the past 11 years.)

One in 15 Vikings players have been arrested (6.6 percent) over that period of time, from Randy Moss to Fred Smoot. The Vikings have never won a Super Bowl.

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The steroid era might be over in Major League Baseball, but commissioner Bud Selig must put an end to the antics of cheating cartoon mascots.

Kevin Millar took home another World Series title Monday night, but this one isn't quite as cool as his 2004 world championship ring from the Boston Red Sox. The leader of the "Idiots" put on a Davy Crockett costume to challenge his colleagues at the MLB Network. Bedlam and hilarity ensued.

Millar picked up a controversial win in the final Texas Rangers "Legends" mascot race of 2011. The competition that traditionally takes place in the middle of the sixth inning saw Millar beat colleagues Harold Reynolds (as Sam Houston), Sean Casey (Jim Bowie) and Mitch Williams (Nolan Ryan).

"Kevin (Millar) cheated, man. That's what it came down to," Reynolds, a two-time Seattle Mariners All-Star, said. The gold glove second baseman added he's got "newfound respect" for all the people who compete in mascot races.

Casey had a good time but explained Millar's shenanigans: "He broke all the rules, walked on the chalk line, and cheated, like 30 yards ahead." caught up with the former Marlin, Red Sox, Oriole and Blue Jay after his shady win.

"The bottom line is, you've got to understand, you play the game to win," Millar said. "If they thought they

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couldn't see, I couldn't see, either. So I had no idea when we were starting. It wasn't like from starting line to finish. We just went out of the gates, we were waving, and next thing you know, 'He gone!'"

Casey, a three-time All-Star with the Reds, summed up the monkey business best:

"All those All-Star Games and home runs, and this is the pinnacle," Casey joked. "This is what my career has come to. Trying to win the Legends race with Jim Bowie."

As for former Phillies closer Mitch Williams, at least he didn't wait until Game 6 to have a poor performance in the World Series.

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While millions of Americans are addicted to sports video games, there is still a constant a wave of negative publicity for gamers. You've heard and read that video games are responsible for violence, obesity and stress, among other ailments.

But video games might have at least one very positive effect.

Researchers in India have discovered that "lazy eye" (or amblyopia) can be treated by playing video games. So if you love Madden NFL 12, NCAA Football 12, NBA 2K12 or MLB 11 The Show, rest easy knowing that some good can come from your gaming habit.

The study conducted by an eye clinic in India found a new treatment that may fix "lazy eye" in older children involves a regimen of video games along with normal amblyopia treatment.

Dr. Somen Ghosh reports that close to a third of his study participants between 10 and 18 years old showed meaningful vision gains. The report was due to be released today at the 115th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology in Orlando, Florida.

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Watching Ray Lewis' entrance with Ravens can have medical benefits:

Researchers found that close to 30 percent of the 100 participants had reached significant vision gains. About 60 percent had at least some improvement.

The thought had been that if "lazy eye" isn't diagnosed properly before a child reaches school age, it is impossible to fix.

Study participants who played video games daily, using just their weaker eye, saw their vision improved.

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The St. Louis Cardinals sure could have used their playoff mascot Sunday during Game 4 of the World Series, but instead the rally squirrel (or a close relative) was enjoying some NFL action 4,785 miles from Arlington, Texas.

London fans at Wembley Stadium had plenty of entertainment during the Bears' 24-18 win over the Buccaneers in the fifth annual NFL regular-season game in England. But not all of the thrill was from football.

With plenty of great seats to be found, the pigskin-loving supporters who did show up at the game enjoyed

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watching a bushy-tailed rodent run around the field during the first quarter. The Chicago Sun-Times reports the little beast zigged and zagged his way around the Bears' red zone, looking as confused as Jay Cutler. The enthusiastic crowd gave a large ovation to the squirrel.

Then, with security apparently sleeping on the job, a large man who was feeling no pain stormed onto the field during the fourth quarter. The Guardian reports Bears star Devin Hester enjoyed the British knucklehead juggling past him.

Bears receiver Roy Williams had a 25-yard TD catch from Jay Cutler but that's not what he'll remember most from his trip to the U.K.

"We had a squirrel on the field," he told the Associated Press. "We had a streaker on the field. So it was a great experience."

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