Marques Colston was supposed to be out at least four weeks and possibly a lot longer after suffering a broken collarbone in the season opener. Doctors placed a titanium plate onto his collarbone with six screws to help speed his recovery. Nobody realized the veteran Saints receiver had his own healing method at home.

Colston's storybook return to the Saints will come two weeks earlier than expected as New Orleans plays at Jacksonville this weekend. The veteran receiver has a message to those questioning his unreal comeback. "I don’t let my body heal; I heal my body," Colston said Thursday. "It's kind of an aggressive approach I take and it has worked well for me over the years."

With a high pain threshold as a bonus, Colston's secret to fast healing is the inflatable hyperbaric chamber he sleeps in at night. A chiropractor suggested he try it out during his second NFL season. Colston was such a believer that he soon purchased one for himself.

WWL-TV reports Colston keeps his oxygen-rich cocoon in the second-floor hallway of his Louisiana home. It's something he spends lots of time with during the season. "Especially times like now when I'm injured," he said, "I'll sleep in it three or four nights a week."

Saints coach Sean Payton says he will limit the amount of reps for Colston against the Jaguars as he works his way back into the lineup.

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So if you had an extra $400 lying around, how would you use it? A nice weekend trip? A gift for your mom? Maybe a share of Apple stock?

Or ...

This week, some guy walked into Lucky's sports book in Lost Wages, Nev., and placed a $400 bet on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl. Keep in mind, Kansas City is 0-3, has been outscored by a league-worst 82 points, and lost franchise offensive and defensive players Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry for the rest of the season with knee injuries.

The Las Vegas Sun reports this bettor will win $200,000 if Kansas City bucks the odds, doing what no team has done before and reach the Big Game in Indianapolis following an 0-3 start. That's a 500-to-1 long shot, a.k.a. a sucker's bet.

The Minnesota Vikings are the next biggest underdog to win the Super Bowl, at 300-to-1. Donovan McNabb's team is a 1.5-point road favorite at Arrowhead Stadium this weekend.

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When the weather is right, Lake Whitney State Park in Texas is a wonderful place for outdoor weekend athletes to get their fix. From boating, fishing, scuba diving and water skiing, the lake offers it all.

But with Texas locked in a record setting drought, the sinking water levels have turned the lake into something Indiana Jones would love. Texans have recently uncovered 8,000-year-old secrets, reports WFAA Dallas.

Both fossils and Native American tools have turned up at Lake Whitney. You have to go back at least 20 years since anyone has seen the formerly remote underwater caverns that have been exposed by the historic drought. For some visitors it has been exciting and new. But for others it has been a lesson in criminal law.

It's against Texas and federal regulations to remove Native American artifacts from archaeological sites. But WFAA reports burial sites from ancient times have been disturbed.

The 955-acre park is located near the ruins of Towash Village, an early Texas settlement named for the chief of Hainai Indians, who moved into the region in 1934.

So far, law enforcement has arrested 30 people for committing the crimes against history. Each was fined thousands of dollars and placed on probation.

Some of the dig sites have been repaired at a huge cost -- as much as $30,000.

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An ugly free for all broke out after a high school football game in in Tallahassee that sent a coach to the hospital and left 20 players suspended.

Orlando's Middleburg High School brawled with Leon High School of Tallahassee following Leon's 17-14 home victory. The Florida Times-Union reports that 10 Middleburg players were suspended by the Florida High School Athletic Association. Two of those athletes were handed a one-year suspension, five players were given a six week ban and three others were suspended for one game.

The punishment was even worse for Leon High. Three players were banished for one year with four receiving a six-week punishment and three others suspended for one-game.

The brouhaha lasted close to four minutes with more time needed to clear the field as a coach was injured when a Middleburg football player foolishly tossed his helmet at group of people, hitting one of his own coaches in the head. That coach left the field on a stretcher and was hospitalized over night.

Players that were found guilty of using their helmet as weapons in the fight and other "egregious unsportsmanlike acts," were given the full one-year suspension.

Tallahassee Police officials told WTXL ABC 27 that following the conclusion of the investigation no criminal charges will be filed in connection to the brawl.

Both schools have been fined and placed on probation until the end of the 2012-13 school year for the donnybrook, according to First Coast News. Each school will be forced to pay a fine of $2,950 for the embarrassing battle royal.

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The golden boy of Gator Nation has gotten some billboard love in the Mile High City.

A group of Broncos fans put up a digital billboard along I-25 in Denver that demands coach John Fox bench quarterback Kyle Orton and start backup Tim Tebow. A business named One Swoosh is sponsoring the advertisement, according to Fox31 Denver.

The Broncos are off to a lousy 1-2 start this season with a trip to Green Bay's Lambeau Field on tap. Denver is ranked 27th overall in offense with the 22nd best passing offense in the league.

Tebow, 24, completed 50 percent of his passes in nine games a year ago with five touchdowns and three interceptions. The Heisman Trophy winner from Florida has played in one game this season -- as a receiver, with no catches.

Orton has connected on 57.3 percent of his passes this season with five touchdowns and three interceptions in the opening three games of the season.

By the way, this billboard is different than the one planned by a Broncos fan in Kentucky earlier this season, which would have cost a reported $10,000.

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Hungry for some delicious Chinese food, an NFL player became the victim of a golf-loving bandit.

Atlanta Falcons kicker Matt Bryant's $3,000 bag of golf clubs were allegedly stolen by a 22-year-old Chinese food delivery crook. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Kristian Vail was arrested, charged with stealing the bag of clubs earlier this month.

A police spokesman said the bumbling birdbrain, criminal went into Bryant's open garage and "took the clubs, delivered the food and went on his way."

The delivery boy turned swindler faces felony burglary charges in Georgia. It wasn't that hard for detectives to solve the mystery.

Law enforcement officials, using the stolen golf clubs serial numbers, tracked them down on the Internet. Vail had exchanged the golf bag for 80 Ecstasy pills. The hallucinogenic loving gentleman who traded the dope is facing felony theft by receiving charges.

All the golf clubs have been retrieved, except for three, including the Falcons kicker's beloved Scotty Cameron putter, which is still missing.

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Green Bay Packers fans are caught in the middle of a cheesehead controversy.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has spent thousands of dollars to place a billboard close to Lambeau Field that shows the Grim Reaper wearing a cheesehead and warning fans that yummy, delicious "cheese can sack your health."

Fans attending this weekend's Packers game against the Broncos could end up getting the anti-cheese message as they drive down highway 41 in De Pere, Wis.

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You can mess with lots of things in Wisconsin, but just don't touch the holy curd of milk. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports this dairyland brouhaha has the makers of the iconic Cheesehead fighting mad.

Foamation Inc., the group behind the Vince Lombardi-style cheese Fedora and the Cheese Championship Belt, are threatening to take this donnybrook to the courtroom. "We by no means would condone that. We're a dairy state, for gosh sakes," said Denise Kaminski, office manager at Foamation Inc.

The group is incensed that its cheesehead was used in the billboard. A lawyer for the company has demanded that the physicians' group advertisement be taken down.

"We don't think (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) needs to use the Foamation-brand Cheesehead in order to convey its message." said Ed Sarskas, an attorney for the company. "That scythe could be cutting a block of cheese and the Grim Reaper wouldn't have to wear a Cheesehead hat."

If nothing changes, a federal lawsuit will most likely be filed in Green Bay.

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It's safe to go in the ocean waters off San Diego again: A shark tail mystery has been solved.

An experienced fisherman thought he had seen a shark in the Pacific Ocean, not far from shore. It turned out that a fake shark fin is to blame for the hubbub at Swami's Beach in Encinitas.

KFMB-TV San Diego reports the fisherman was on a paddle board and reluctant to get too close to what appeared to be a shark fin. Then after a short time he realized it was some kind of a prank.

The fake tail contraption was made out of wood attached with screws to PVC pipe.

Lifeguards in Encinitas say that whoever is responsible for this hoax could end up with a ticket from law enforcement.

"If this was used to create a false alarm, it would actually pull out a lot of resources out of the coastal areas here in Encinitas -- fire, lifeguard, sheriff -- that would cause us to pull resources from areas where we're watching people on the beach and in the water," Encinitas lifeguard Capt. Larry Giles told KFMB.

The fake marlin fin is believed to have come from a wacky Southern California club.

Dave Strege wrote about in his book "Celebrity Fish Talk: Tales of Fishing From An All-Star Cast." On page 150 he writes about the "joke of all practical jokes that was pulled off during a fishing tournament on Catalina Island in the mid 1990s, when the idea of making fake marlin tails and spreading them out all over the ocean came to life. Hours before the 1995 tournament the group of pranksters put 100 of these fake marlin fins in the waters.

That fake marlin fin in San Diego is believed to have floated away from the fishing tournament in Avalon, California.

The director of the Los Pescadores Billfish Tournament in Catalina released a statement to KFMB: "We try to pick up all of the fake marlin fins after the fishing tournament. I guess it's feasible one could have floated away. We were not trying to irritate anyone. We apologize for the confusion."

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An injury ruined his dreams of playing big time college football so he turned to life of fight crime, only to moonlight broadcasting sports.

Rene Ingoglia is hoping to be the next Troy Aikman, Jon Gruden or Phil Simms in the TV booth. During the week he's your normal husband and father of two who works in law enforcement. In the Orlando Police departments violent crimes division he's known as Detective Ingolia.

"Basically, I'm a robbery detective," he told the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle. "It's a fun job, but it wears on you after awhile. All you deal with are bad people. It makes you a little cynical."

The 39-year-old had dreams of playing at Notre Dame crushed when as a star high school running back in Rochester, New York, he had recruiters from Boston College, Iowa, Syracuse and Wisconsin interested. Ingoglia remembers a recruiter from the Badgers offered him a full ride and told him "Just don't get hurt."

That's exactly what happened. Ingoglia tour up his his left ACL during the second game of his senior year. That Wisconsin recruiter called him back to teach him a valuable life lesson about sports, injuries and life.

"He told me, 'You go to buy a car at a dealership. You go back one month later, and there's a dent in it. You don't ask the dealer why. You just get a car that most looks like it.'"

With all those schools running away from scholarship offers, Ingoglia ended up at the University of Massachusetts. He started in 1992 after a redshirt season and went on to finish his Minutemen career with 4,624 yards (third in school history) and 54 touchdowns (eighth best in D I-AA) history. UMass inducted him into its Sports Hall of Fame four years ago.

Following college, Ingoglia, who wasn't drafted by the NFL graduated in 1996 with a degree in kinesiology. He played on the practice squad for the Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins. Ingoglia even made the 1997 Bills' 53-man roster over the second half for a 6-10 season for coach Marv Levy.

In 1999, Ingoglia played running back in NFL Europe for a Frankfurt Galaxy team that featured future Carolina Panthers star Jake Delhomme at quarterback. He got into the end zone in the World Bowl as Frankfurt won the championship game.

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After getting into law enforcement, Ingoglia wanted to give broadcasting a try and in need of a demo tape he gambled that he could get a gig. In 2008, he walked on as a broadcaster for UMass, paying his own travel expenses, from hotels to meals and everything in-between to get that coveted demo tape.

After spending close to $9,000 of his own money to learn the TV ropes, Ingoglia used that tape to earn a spot at the minor leagues of ESPN on its Regional Television network. He did three games for ESPN Regional and the network liked his potential.

This year Ingoglia's broadcasting dreams moved up a notch, doing games for ESPN3.

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The high school principal who pushed to suspend a 14-year-old autistic boy for running onto the field during halftime of a football game while wearing a banana man costume has resigned.

Karen Spillman lasted less than two months at Colonial Forge High School in Stafford, Va. The superintendent wouldn't say why Spillman is officially out.

Bryan Thompson became an Internet folk hero after he ended up in handcuffs in the back of a police car following his Sept. 16 stunt.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to read them first! reports the principal of the Virginia school sent a letter to Thompson's mother saying she was perturbed by Thompson's disrespectful actions to an administrator and his disruption of a school activity.

Thompson was given 10 days of suspension but only had to serve five.

Many felt the punishment didn't fit the so-called crime. The initial coverage of the story also started a discussion about autism. A parenting columnist in the Washington Post wrote: "Thompson's behavior might have been harmless, but the coverage has been another story, because it unnecessarily evoked autism for a stunt that any class clown could have pulled."

The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) got involved after the school attempted to keep students from wearing T-shirts supporting the "Banana Man." A few students were punished with Saturday detention for their wardrobe decision. That suspension has since been retracted.

Here's a video of the original report on the incident:

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