Joe Flacco had so much free time on his hands because of the NFL lockout, he tied the knot of love.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports the Baltimore Ravens quarterback married his longtime lady in New Jersey over the weekend.

Flacco and Dana Grady, both 26, exchanged vows in front of close to 300 friends and family at a Church in Westmont, New Jersey.

The couple had been dating for almost NINE years, some of that via long distance relationship status, while away at college.

The Ravens signal caller has had great success on the football field. He tied Dan Marino's record for the most combined regular and postseason wins (36) in his first three years as a quarterback.

The new Mrs. Flacco is an X-ray technician at Cooper Hospital, serving New Jersey and the Delaware Valley. Baltimore's star is supposed to make a base salary of $1,035,000 if we have a 2011 season.

It's not too late to get them a wedding gift, the happy couple is registered at Macy's and Crate & Barrel.

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Larry David is a big pro basketball fan, you can see him court side regularly at Lakers games. So what was he doing at dinner with a rival NBA coach?

The Boston Herald reports David, the star of HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" had dinner with Celtics coach Doc Rivers at Towne.

While its unknown what the two ate, the Boston restaurants menu includes "buttermilk fried lpswich clams," and "kousa .. lebanese stuffed small zucchini."

Rivers doesn't have much acting on his IMDB resume, he did play himself (with Atlanta Hawks), in the forgetful 1996 film "Eddie." Whoopi Goldberg starred as a New York limo driver who won a PR gimmick to coach her beloved Knicks.

The film had cameos from loads of 90's NBA stars including Spud Webb, Nick Van Exel, Vlade Divac, Dennis Rodman and future NBA coaches Avery Johnson and Vinny Del Negro.

Despite terrible reviews and shaky acting the film had to be considered a financial success, grossing $31,387,164 in the U.S.

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What's more American than getting married in a Church room Dennis Rodman made famous?

Mark Scanlon, a UFC fighter from Liverpool, England, did just that, taking the plunge into wedding bliss Las Vegas style.

Scanlon, 5'9" 170 lbs, has been with Ultimate Fighting Championship since October 2010, compiling a 7-2 record, with two knockouts in the welterweight division.

The Review-Journal reports Scanlon married his wife Katie at the "Chapel of the Flowers," on Tuesday evening.

Their son, Mark Jr., was on hand to witness the exchanging of vows.

The former "Little Chapel of the Flowers" is part of Sin City lore, hosting Dennis Rodman's infamous 1998 wedding to Carmen Electra.

The happy couple didn't last long. Electra filed for divorce six months later. Now that's true love!

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For the first time in history, world peace has a voice.

Ron Artest gave his first public comments since starting the legal process to change his name to "Metta World Peace."

The Lakers star told the New York Post, "It's all about positive energy." He explained, "I'm just trying to make a difference, get positive energy out there."

Clearly Artest has spent too much time with his shrink or that Southern California lifestyle is getting to him.

The former St. John's forward didn't dig to deep in coming up with the new name, saying "Peace" was one of the word that popped into his head. Artest was attempting to be imaginative with the wild handle. His new first name "Metta" is an ancient Buddhist virtue for kindness.

It's one thing to finally have World Peace in the Lakers locker room, but imagine if Metta signed with a team in the Middle East. Sadly that's about the only way we see peace in that region of the globe anytime soon.

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Roger Staubach might not have led the Cowboys to their first Super Bowl win had it not been for of all things bowling.

The Hall of Famer was the keynote speaker to more than 5,000 executives at the 2011 International Bowl Expo.

Staubauch, who led the Cowboys to nine of a record-setting 20 consecutive winning seasons, said bowling had a big role in his life.

The Heisman Trophy winner fondly remembers watching his dad participate in bowling leagues. Staubauch says rolling a ball down a lane also had a positive impact on his love life, as he showed off rolling a score of 213 on a high school bowling date with a young lady who would later become his wife.

Staubauch, speaking in Grapevine, Texas, said he has a "tremendous respect for the thousands of bowling proprietors across the country." He praised the industry for continuing to keep "bowling fresh, relevant and the nation's number one participatory sport."

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By the time U2's 360 tour is complete, the Irish-born rockers expect to gross $700 million.

A little more than $253,000 of that money will go to the Michigan State athletic department.

Bono and company will foot the bill to have the playing surface at Spartan Stadium replaced after playing in front of a sold-out crowd of 65,000 crazed fans Sunday night.

In preparation for the concert, one hundred trucks and 500 crew members assembled a setting that stretched across the stadium's playing surface. Included in the monstrosity was a stage that weighs six times as much as the normal 60-ton stage, a 14,000 square foot video screen, a 164-foot claw-like structure and more than 400 tons of steel.

"I've built a lot of buildings and at the end of the day, they're all just a big ol' chunk of steel," says MSU associate athletic director Greg Ianni. "But you look what they did in terms of lighting and video and choreography and the way everything melded together, that was something else."

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So much so that U2 agreed to pay for a new field.

By 4 a.m. Monday, the band's production crew left the site, leaving behind only the stage. Ianni says that too will be history by Tuesday, allowing for the natural grass surface to be replaced before the Spartans begin summer workouts in August.

Once the aluminum plates covering the field are removed, $253,000 worth of new grass will be trucked in from Colorado. Workers will begin removing the old sod July 5th, and then will re-grade the field two days later before the new grass arrives on the 11th.

Asked how much of a sales job he had to do on Michigan State head football coach Mark Dantonio, Ianni laughed.

"Oh, he trusts us," Ianni says. "You go to him and you tell him everything that's happening and how it's getting replaced and he just says, OK."

Spartan Stadium last hosted a major musical event in 1995 when the Rolling Stones played East Lansing.

Bono even took a moment during the concert to thank MSU President Lou Anna Simon for the invitation to a band without much experience with college life.

"We never made it to university ourselves -- I think Edge made it two weeks and I made it a week," Bono said during the show. "U2 became our university. Rolling Stone became our textbooks."

The concert was held at Spartan Stadium in part because Ford Field in Detroit is a closed venue and Comerica Park isn't suitable for a 360-degree show. (Simmer down, Michigan fans: A.D. Dave Brandon is looking into holding concerts at the renovated Big House.)

Ianni loved the performance, but he's ready to get back to football. Michigan State has seven home football dates this fall, starting Sept. 2 against Youngstown State.

"I'm not sure if or when we will ever see anything like that or who the band will be to do it," Ianni says. "But I think it will be a while before we see anything like that again."

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The Mavericks took down the big three, completing a franchise's long, winding road to a championship. It's nearly good enough to be made into a movie.

But who would play each guy in the film? Look no further than NBA Doppelgangers to find the answer.

Mark Cuban = Joaquin Phoenix

An excessively rich man who plays by no one else's rules and says whatever he wants, simultaneously infuriating and amusing his audience? Easiest role of Phoenix's career.

Dirk Nowitzki = Barry Pepper

Not sure about this one. Pepper with long flowing locks? Hard to imagine. It'd be worth ponying up the cash to get Moses to play the German version of himself.

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Steve Nash = Liam Gallagher

The story wouldn't be complete without Nash. The funny thing is Nash is a million times more tolerable than Gallagher, who will no doubt be challenged playing an understated, team-player role.

Jason Terry = Mike Epps

Could not be more different. Therefore, could not be more perfect.

JJ Barea = Courtney Gains (Hans Klopek)

Does Barea seem like a closet serial killer? Wait, don't answer that.

DeShawn Stevenson = Mr. Peanut

Because we need to see Stevenson with a top hat.

Peja Stojakovic = David Schwimmer

Because both of their careers could use a boost.

Chris Bosh = Velociraptor

No words.

Caron Butler = Pharrell Williams

"Pharrell, we need you to wear stylish suits, look cooler than anyone else on the bench and get super pumped up after big plays." Done.

Rick Carlisle = Jim Carrey

It's not even funny anymore. It's just obvious and the only way to go.

Mike Bibby = Verne Troyer

Excellent fit. The one guy on the court no one notices, but then pops up at random points and everyone goes, "Wait a minute, that guy's in this movie, too?” Height difference is negligible.

Noticeably absent? Arch villains Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and mastermind Pat Riley. Who do you think fills out the cast?

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